GW Doubles Tournament Game 1

So our first game ended up being a Dual Imperial Guard list. This was never going to be fun.

Size Matters

With the release of the new Mobile Airfields from Spartan Games came a new Blog post and pictures to give you some size comparisons.

Zone Mortalis!

A video link only... however if you havent seen it you should have a look.

I had the joy of seeing this stuff in the flesh at GW Lenton this weekend... my Brother has ordered a set so we can see what its like...

Sneaky pic

Dragkon here! A quick sneak peak at a mdel on my painting table. 
This one is going to take me a while.

Blood Angels Objective Marker

Here is the Space Hulk Objective marker, based so it can be used for the Blood Angels as an Objective marker for them!

Daemon Prince!

This time in the Showcase posts, we have one of my Models (doesn't happen often I know!).

Doubles 2012 - The Lists

Another year, another Doubles Tournament at GW HQ! Here is the list my Brother and I intend on taking! 

Dystopian Wars - Prussian Fleet Lowdown

This time I am going to talk a little bit about the Prussian Empire and its forces.

Kraggi again from the Varcancluster, this time covering some of the options for the Prussian Empire in a game of Dystopian Wars

This is going to be one of my three main fleets, but at the moment I own the Starter Battle Box & the Sky Fortress, so those are the units I will talk about.

To be fair to the Prussians there are plenty of other Ships, Robots and Aircraft in their Arsenal, however I think that me talking about them without having used them is going to confuse the issue. Dont worry for those of you loving Robots, I will be getting the Metzger so he will be reviewed!

So to begin with lets look at the Sky Fortress.

This floating Aircraft carrier comes with your standard 6 Tiny Tokens (as do all Aircraft Carriers). I tend to use these as two Squadrons of 3 fighters to fly cap for my to Capitol Ships, both the Sky Fortress and the Emperor Class Battleship.

The extra tokens you get allows you more options with the 10 free Tiny Tokens that you get with your fleet.

Its forward Weapons are a Fixed Channel Tesla (Fixed Channel means its firing arc is the width of the ship, no angles from corners) which does limit their effectiveness, however the weapon can generator some nice hits the closer into the enemy you get.

Its Broadsides are again decent firepower and this time work as normal Broadsides so have the 45 degree arc of fire at the front and back of the ship.

Perhaps its best weapon is its Bomb, this drops 12 Attack Dice (AD) and has a very good potential to do serious damage to whatever it hits.

The Downside of the Sky Fortress? Well its slow moving, only able to chug along at 6" a turn, which means its a late game model for you, it it gets into the enemy lines undamaged you can do some serious damage, as its a flyer having it move across the board Obscured for the game will help it increase its survivability.

Now I think its best to look at the Emperor Class Battleship.

I actually think this is one of my favourite models for the Prussian Navy. She has three turrets that in Range band 1 can put some serious hurt on the enemy.

The Broadsides & Tesla are also worthwhile additions to her, the closer she gets he more scary she becomes.

The biggest downside for the Emperor Class is that to get a Generator she needs to drop one of her Turrets, effectively dropping her firepower by a third when she has a Broadside, and if you drop one of the front Turrets, by half when moving into attack.

I find myself using her with all three Turrets and no Generators as that one Broadside with her turrets even at range band 2 is throwing out 16 AD, and if you manage to get her into Range band 1 she has a potential 21 AD, or three sets of 11 AD. Don't expect to get her in undamaged however as she should be one of your enemies primary targets.

The recent changes that Spartan games released do mean that I have considered the Tesla Generator, not so much for its offensive power, but for its extra 1D3" movement a turn... this can really help you get the model into position to cause people some serious damage!

Following on from the battleship are Reiver Class Cruisers.

These are perhaps some of the best ships for your Naval force. They have a main Turret that can put out horrific amounts of firepower close up, along with some decent Broadsides and Tesla weaponry, if you can get them into the middle of an enemy formation, even one damaged ship at Range band 1 or 2 can put out a decent amount of firepower.

They don't have any generator options which is a disappointment and the rear Tesla weaponry can seem useless to begin with, but I think its all about how you maneuver these ships, and at 10" Movement they have a much bigger threat range than people think.

After the Cruisers we move onto the Arminius Frigates.

I am a big believer in the usefulness of the Frigates. Up close they can deliver surprising amounts of firepower, and while this class of frigate only has one turret, and a rear Tesla weapon it is highly manoeuvrable which means you can get them to close quickly and surprise the enemy.

With only two options left to discuss, lets look at the Geier Class Bombers.

They have three weapons, all of which are fixed Channel either to the front or the back of them. Their Tesla shots have decent AD to the front and Rear, and as with all bombers they have Bombs. The bombs are again a decent AD of 8 and this does mean they need to get in close to really cause the enemy problems. Starting them Obscured or using their Swift Ascent rule to allow them to get into a Safer position.

When things get up close and personal, try and leave them the last to move, that way you have the best chance of the enemy being in a position where you can bring your bombs to bear!

So guys, that's my view of the Prussian Empire models that I currently own. I am going to be getting the Armoured boxed set soon so will have a few more models to write about, along with some decent pictures to show you! If you have any more questions about Dystopian Wars, feel free to leave a comment here, or jump over to my Dystopian Wars page at

Uk Bloggers!

So plugging this on behalf of Mercer (no he didn't ask me). I reckon its a good idea and should help the hobby in the UK, anyone interested, the link is below, go and drop him a line!

Stronghold Game 3

So back for game 3!

Stronghold Game 2

In my second game at Stronghold I was drawn against Jamie. I have played him a few times, the first back at the Crucible last year, and the time after that at the Doubles with my Brother.

Lancer Warjack

Ok so Dragkon Hijacking this one for a minute. A quick look at my Lancer class Light Warjack.

Defender Warjack

Another of my Brothers Warjacks, this time the Defender. This guy looks like a beast, and like too many of the Cygnar 'jacks (in my mind) he has a big gun attached to the arm!

Dystopian Wars - More Pictures!

Another day, another double post. But I couldn't let this one slip anyone by, as this time we have some painted pictures of the French Forces! 

Trollbloods 35 Points of em!

While I may not get a lot of games in with my Trollbloods, I do want to have a 35 Point army available to me, here is my first attempt at a list.

Cygnar Warmachine

This time I am bringing you some pictures of my Brothers Cygnar Warcaster, above is a shot of the entire battlegroup, and they will all be getting their time on the blog as part of my Showcase posts!

Warpstone Flux - Army List Challenge!

A quick plug for Warpstone Flux, their Army List Challenge this month has had its entry date extended till the 21st and they are looking for more people's input. 

Army List Wednesdays Grey Knights 2000 Points

So as follow up to last weeks email, here are some thoughts about a 2000 point list for the Chaos of the Warp tournament at the beginning of March.

Dystopian Wars - The French are here!

Good news! After months of waiting the latest faction and nation for the Dystopian Wars is now here! The Republique of France!

Ironclad Warjack

Another of Dragkons Painted Models, this time the Ironclad from his Cygnar Forces.

Dystopian Wars - KoB Aircraft Carrier

The Kingdom of Britannia Aircraft Carrier, what you get when you buy it, and simple assembly & painting instructions.

Showcase Savage Orcs

Another day, another set of pictures. So far so good it seems on my New Years resolution.

Everblight Force

Hey everyone! It's me Dragkon here.

So I thought I put this post just before the Everblight Expansion post. So to start off all these images that you are going to see are from a 24hr painting event that I attended last year. As you can see this was the main stuff that I wanted to get painted during it. Menoth, Everblight and Night Goblin Big Boss.

40k CGI Movie!

 A video link to a Trailer for a Fan Based CGI movie, its been around for a while but sounds like it has got the nod from GW!

Stronghold, 1250 Point Army List

On the back of my post last week. Here is a revised list or two for a 1250 tournament. Remember no Special Characters allowed! 

Mighty Empire Map - Pictures

Following on from my Planetary Empires post a few weeks ago, here are some snap shots of a Mighty Empires map done by my brother Dragkon.

Dystopian Wars - An Added Bonus!

This is less to do with the actual game system, and more to do with the Support and Community interaction you get from Spartan Games themselves.

Their forum has a lot of Spartan Employees on it that are very active in answering rules questions along with an FAQ that is regularly updated.

When a mistake is found the PDF's with updated stat cards are created and uploaded to their website here.

This is a great bonus when playing Dystopian Wars as the community that is present on these forums knows what it is on about and if the actual employees haven't answered (most likely due to a weekend / late night enquiry) then there is a good chance that someone else on the Forum will.

I just wanted to give you all another heads up about this, as its an excellent resource when playing Dystopian Wars (or any of their games to be honest).

Mandrak Ironhide

So this time my Showcase piece is less of a showcase piece, and more of a look I do actually paint my own models!

He has been sitting around painted for a while now and I thought it was about time I got him up on the blog along side Grissel.


My Hobby in January

This last month has been a month of ups and downs from a hobbying perspective. The oppourtunity arose to start doing articles on Belloflostsouls I found myself suddenly renewed in my drive to play and paint my Dystopian Wars models. Which has been a real positive thing, helping me get back into a game I had been flagging in.

On the flip side of that my FLGS announced that it will be closing down on the 19th Feb. It may have only been a few short years since it opened, but in that time it has had a definate effect on my hobby, introducing me to Roleplay Games, games like Hordes & Warmachine and lets not forget introducing me to Spartan Games and therefore to the Dystopian Wars. Kingdom of Adventure you will be missed when the day arrives that you close your doors for the last time.

However from my games playing in a month, all in all pretty happy.
Games Played

Dystopian Wars
Prussian Empire vs Empire of the Blazing Sun - Draw (Sea)
Prussian Empire vs Empire of the Blazing Sun - Loss (Sea)
Prussian Empire vs Empire of the Blazing Sun - Loss (Sea)
Kingdom of Britannia vs Empire of the Blazing Sun - Loss (Land)

Necrons & Blood Angels vs Dark Eldar & Eldar - Win
Grey Knights vs Dark Eldar (1250 Points) - Loss
Grey Knights vs Space Marines (1500 Points) - Win
Played: 7
Won: 3
Lost: 4

Army List Wednesdays Grey Knights - 1250

So in the next 5 weeks I have three tournaments in Rapid Succession.

Stronghold – 1250 Points
40k Doubles Tournament – 1750 (875 each)
Chaos of the Warp – 2000

With this in mind I decided it was high time to look at getting some lists together.
Now I already have a plan of which armies I am using for each Tournament, and its pretty easy. Grey Knights for Stronghold & Chaos of the Warp, Necrons for the Doubles.

Since I don’t need practise with my Grey Knights they get theory crafting while the Necrons get playtime. Its harsh I know, but there you go.

So first up, some ideas for the Stronghold tournament 1250 points.

My first list is:
Inquisitor, Terminator Armour, Psycannon
Terminators x 10, Psycannon x 2
Strike Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2, Psybolt Ammo
Dreadknight – H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter
Dreadknight – H. Psycannon, Personnal Teleporter

So this list is a chopped down version of my 1750 list. I have lost Draigo and the Interceptors and replaced them with the Inquistor. All in all pretty happy with this, 4 scoring units and two threatening units to cause people problems!

The second list is a modified version of the one I took to the Glasgow Crucible last year.

Inquisitor – Terminator Armour, Psycannon
Terminators x 5, Psycannon
Strike Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2
Dreadknight – H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter
Dreadknight – H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

This again has two fast moving threats and the Landraider for a bit of ranged threats. It also gives me a nice place to hide models should I be worried about the enemy firepower.
In both lists the tactics are pretty simple. Be Aggressive. My guys need to get close, and need to do so quickly to stop the enemy. The Dreadknights can either try and save their shunt for late objective grabs, or can use it in Turn 1 or 2 (my preferred method) to force the enemy to either kill them or be in combat with them.

Simple plans work best, and as of yet no one has found an easy way to deal with both Dreadknights in a turn so fingers crossed this will keep my chances up there.
So any thoughts or opinions on these lists? Which do you think is the better of the two, or what would you take?

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