Stronghold Game 1

A Brief Overview of Game 1 at Stronghold 2012!

In my 1st Game I faced Black Templars, never played them with my Grey Knights, and I have only met them on the battlefield once before.

The list my opponent used is shown below:

So there you have it, the forces of my enemy... from the outset I was relatively confident about this one... how wrong it would prove to be!

My Deployment

As the pictures below show this was a tense game, with it swinging from one side to another. We had 7 Turns in total, and this is the first time I recall a Dreadknight surviving to the end of the game at this points size.

The Emporers Champion killed one, only to charge and die to another in the following turn. With 5 Interceptors at I6 against 1 Terminator... I somehow didnt cause a wound and managed to be broken... the Black Templar vow forcing him to Charge me after trying to herd me towards the table edge... a close game!

All in all one of the most enjoyable and nail biting games I have been involved in for a while!

1st Turn Movement

1st Turn Movement again!

Closing on the Enemy!

Curses... the Emporers Champion Kills a Dreadknight, while the Interceptors are Charged & Broken by Terminators!

The Landraider advances on my Objective, However my Second Dreadknight Slew the Emporers Champion!

The Presence of my Dreadknight Drew the Landraider away from my Objective!

Having cleared the back Corner, the Dreadknight pursued the remaining troop choice, but the Landraider moved in one of my Objectives!

Despited being broken twice, the Lone Psycannon Strike Marine rallied both times (which is expected lol) and claimed the 1 Objective I needed for Victory! These were my Survivors


Lead Legion said…
The tense ones are always the best ones! Thanks for the report.
Kraggi said…
They truly are.

This was a helluva game, and I hope for a rematch against Paul's Black Templars soon!