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In line with the Warlog used over at the Spartan Games forums, here are some details of my last couple of Planetfall Games.

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Directorate Heavy Helix Unboxing

With the newest releases from Planetfall came some new purchases. 

Here are a few pictures of the models contained in the Directorate Heavy Armour Helix. 

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Halo - Table Top!

 Following on from the Announcement last week, spartan give us a few more details of the upcoming release. 

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Spartan.... Halo?

A quick post on the fly....

Has anyone else noticed the change to the Spartan Logo on their website?

Their normal design

The Design at the moment.

Big things are coming to Spartan... I may have heard inklings of this before, but I daresay its gonna be big!

Its also worth noting that the Dystopian War rule book is now available for download free of charge from their website

Planetfall - Terran Core Helix (Pictures)

Hi there, 

Stealing pictures from Dragkon today (well he did email them to me!)

Here is his Terran Core Helix box, the first of two at least. 

Two of these are going to look very impressive

What are your thoughts?

Personnally as much as I hate the Terrans in the game, I love the way these guys work, and how Dragkon has painted them, I dont have the picture in this list, but the way he has painted the infantry, especially the one climbing over the wall... well impressed. 

Planetfall - The Core Helix, Directorate

Time for a talk around the Directorate Core Helix, I might have only won 1 out of 6 games with these guys so far, but they are very much up there as some of my favourite models! 

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