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While I have had plenty of blips where I stopped posting for any number of reasons, I am now in one of my longest lull's in low volumes of Blog posts. 

A large part of my wargaming has always been from Games Workshop, however since January I have played no games with Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000.

I havent yet picked up the latest 40k rulebook, although I have recently borrowed it from my brother. 

In the last week of having it, I have managed to read a total of 5 pages of rules. I actually cannot motivate myself to get any further through the books.

I do have several projects on the go at the moment, although too many of them havent been getting played as well, which means I will have another load of models to sell at Carronade next year! 

How many game systems is too many? My current list of games I am actively interested in are:

Warmachine (Convergence just look so awesome)
Hordes (Circle & Trollbloods, love the models)
Deadzone (probably one of my favourite games at the moment)
Dreadball (easy to transport, fun and quick to play)
Dystopian Wars (love the models)
Firestorm Armada (love the models)

Not being someone who is a 'collector' per se its a real challenge to be happy with models just sitting on a shelf, or in a box in my wardrobe.

So... given that I havent got a game in the last few months, do I cut the number of systems down further (having already designed to end my turbulent relationship with GW), or do I learn to just keep the models I have, with the view of someday getting that zing back into my gaming relationship?

A tough decision at the moment and I am not sure of the best next steps... any advice gladly welcomed! 

Deadzone Asterian Factions

Another quick picture heavy post of all the Asterians I now own.

None of them are painted as of yet, but hopefully by Christmas these will be completed and painted .


Model Size Comparisons: GW - Mantic - PP

Something I have been thinking about for a while, and one of those questions I always have come to mind when looking at a new model / games system.

How big is it actually?

More after the jump...

Deadzone - Wave 2 Terrain

A quick post today
So here you can see the 6' x 2' board covered in Deadzone terrain, and the beginnings of a tower I was going to build, and then changed my mind.
The three pictures above showed my initial thoughts, however, by the time I finished building all, well most of the terrain I ended up with the bits below.
Still to have a few finishing touches and obviously a lick of paint, but gives you an idea of the bits I have built.

Deadzone Campaign - Containment Protocol Initiated.

The Plague had been expanding and the planet is on the verge of a wide spread epidemic.

An Enforcer patrol has arrived with the aim of wiping out the Plague with the assistance of the local Corporation Military.

The local authorities have convinced the Enforcer force leader that they have already informed the Council, and that an immediate response is required to eradicate the threat early, they of course neglect to tell them of their earlier failures, or that if Containment Protocol had been declared earlier they would have been able to avoid this.

The local authorities plan runs deeper though as they plan to eliminate the enforcers after the fighting is finished, and cover up the outbreak at all.

Little do they know that the Plague force has grown immeasurably, and it will take a miracle to stop them now.

Deadzone Campaign - Outbreak (Part 2)

With the Stage 0A's escaped and in hiding the mutagen now runs it's course.

They evolve from Stage 0A's to Stage 1A's.

The infected from the Stage 0A's escape turn into 2A's, and the Plague force continues to grow.

Now recovered from their transformation the Plague go out on the hunt to find and infect more.

Deadzone Campaign - Outbreak (Part 1)

Following on from my blog post about Containment Protocols and the Plague I thought it would be quite cool to write up a scenario or two to deal with the Plague Artefact beginning the Infection.

The aim of course would be to try and see if you could build up a Plague Strike force against the local PDF, prior to the Enforcers (or any faction) arriving to stop you.

The scenario can be found after the jump:

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