A Dragkon Painting Table update

Hey guys how are you all doing?

So this last month you have been seeing a few updates from kraggi about what I have been doing. Well it's been a fun month so far and I think it's time to give you all a update.

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This Weeks Painting Table

This Week, I have managed a couple of evenings at the painting table and here are the fruits of my labour so far.

This week has mostly seen me painting Spartan Game models, Roboute is on the table, but hidden away at the back. 

Here we have 16 bases of Relthozans, plus three Covenant of Antartica ships (the Dreadnought, Assault Carried & Battleship.


And here you can see the Carrier, 3 Cruisers & the Battlecruiser

Now onto the Relthozans, here are their light tanks. 

Followed by their mediums. 

And here are a couple of shots of all the CoA models I have put paint on this week, although mostly its just been highlights to their gun ports. 

Forgeworld Weapons

Not sure how many of you noticed (as it slipped by my nose) but Forgeworld have re-released the Space Marine Upgrade kits.

These basically allow you to buy special weapons by the bucket load for your 30k (or 40k) marines.

All the details after the jump.

Dragkon Painting - Streaming Live now!

Dragkon is currently live streaming him doing some painting!

January in Review

To keep myself motivated this year (mainly for the summer when my posts tend to suffer!) I am going to do a monthly review of how I have been doing.

This way even if I end up not posting a lot I have a record of the games & models I have played.

It might also help push me month on month to get more achieved, although the challenge is that you always tend to get more goodies at Christmas and January should be one of the more successful painting months! 

The Blog
Pageviews: 4961
Comments: 6
Blog Posts: 18

Models Painted:
10 Man Ultramarines Tactical Squad
5 Man Cataphractti Terminator Squad - Post due this week
Cataphractti Terminator Captain - Post due this week
Rense System Navy Assault Helix - Post due this month

Paint Progression - What i hope to complete this month, barring new purchases
Relthozan Core Helix
Dindrenzi Core Helix
Roboute Guilliman
2nd Tactical Squad of Ultramarines
Aquan Infantry Bases

Posts of Note:
How to Paint an Ultramarine

Games Played:
Not the best start of the year for gaming, with four out of five games lost... I guess things can only get better! 

Betrayal at Calth Mission 2 - Victory for the Ultramarines! 
Betrayal at Calth Mission 3 - Victory for the Word Bearers! (boo hiss)
Planetfall, 3500 points, Directorate vs Terran (Beta Test Game), lost -9 / 19
Planetfall, 5000 points, Aquans vs Directorate (Beta Test Game), lost -4 / 24
Planetfall, 3000 points, Directorae & Relthozan vs Sorylians, lost -19 / -4

300,000 Page views! Which I don't think is too bad since July 2010 when the Blogger counting started! Probably not that many unique readers, but even so a nice milestone.

Betrayal at Calth Rules Review

While this game has been out for a while i have been intending to write a review since release date (pretty much).

However like many other things that I think of and don't get written this draft kept slipping down my drafts. 

With the New Year upon us, I decided it would be better to try and get some of this backlog written, even if it then takes me a little while to actually post it. 

So Betrayal at Calth, a large number of you (like myself) probably bought this game with a view that it gives you a load of models, and the board game it comes with was just a freebie / bonus.

There is nothing wrong this view point... however having played the game through a few times I have to say that I have been amazingly well impressed as to how this plays out! 

So first up.

The Turn Sequence. 

Each Game turn has a Ready / Draw phase where you tidy up any counters and draw any cards that you might require.

A chunk of board games have these phases and they are useful for just making sure you are ready for your subsequent turn.

Unit Activations

In the game itself each Hex is in essence its own miniature unit, and gets to perform unto two actions a turn.

The Actions are:

Special Action

You can pick any of these actions unless you are in an adjacent Hex to any enemy unit, at which point your actions are reduced to Advance, Assault, Special Actions & Consolidate. 

Each player gets to activate one unit before passing the activation to their opponent, meaning you always get to react to your opponents actions. 

However you can activate the same unit in your following turn (although then of course they have to sit around waiting till the following turn to do stuff).

The Dice
Hurting things with an Assault or Shooting attack is based around rolling a number of dice, either to all the Assault values in a unit for combat or the sum of all the ranged weapons dice.

There are four results on the dice, blank, hit, shield, crit, and when attacking you want the hits and crits, but defending wants the shields. 

You compare the total hits (criets count as a hit too) after removing a number equal to the shields rolled to the models Stamina, this determines if you kill something or not.

Critical results are a benefit you get to use against the target unit, sometimes they add additional dice for you to roll, remove tactical points (basically actions) from the unit, or ignore someones armour value. 

The Missions
The game itself comes with six missions, and there are (so far) two additional missions available via White Dwarf. 

So far I have managed to play through a couple of missions while we getting our heads around the rules,  and all of these have been very exciting and closely fought games. 

We will be posting a video battle report of at least one of the missions (if not all of them) over the next few weeks. 

Very impressed with this game style and actually think this method of game play could work quite well at bigger force styles.

This is a nice surprise game that only enhances the value of this box set, and for returning players (like myself) it offers amazing value on the mini's plus the inclusion of a very good game.

Dreadball: Void Sirens

These girls are my go to team for Dreadball events / leagues. 

At distance they look pretty pink, but are actually in Superman colours of Red & Blue. 

I dont think these are my best paint job, but they look pretty good on the table, and I currently have 1 model to paint fully and several to finish basing to call them complete.

Performance wise I really love them on the pitch, they only have one guard, but have plenty of strikers, and Jacks that can do the role of a guard nicely with the Running Interference ability on all of them.

Running Interference basically allows you to move one Hex (at any point in another players move) and call a Slam (tackle), you don't have to do this, you could just move them to put tackle zones on the target, but slamming is so much more satisfying.

Since Dreadball has your turn end if you lose the ball its best used against the ball carrier, or to intercept a pass.

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