The Rant & Next Project

The Rant

So despite my excitement over Halo Ground Command, I took a big step yesterday...

My order is now cancelled.

Next up I will be stepping down as a Vanguard for Spartan... in the final analysis I feel I have to take a stand, with my wallet and a little bit of this blog around Spartan's handling of the whole pre-order situation.

They have plenty of reasons and explanations, but ultimately I have a limited Hobby budget, and while I dont mind pre-ordering things I do not like a shipping date to pass, and then an excuse to appear that they couldnt keep up with demand.

If you put up pre-orders you know what your demand is, which means you know what your likely shipping dates are from very early on.

Waiting to update people and tell them you can't keep up with demand is a sign of poor planning and preparation.

I love what Spartan do with their games, I love how Halo Ground Command plays, I love the models, the same goes for Dystopian Wars & Planetfall. It wont change me playing the games I have, nor will it change me keeping my eye on spartan in the future.

But it will prevent me from ordering or buying anymore of their stuff for the next few months... at least until I see how it all plays out.

The Next Project

The models below have managed to make me stop and look, and go as far as to make preparations to get back into 40k, Games Workshop haven't managed that in the last few years (since well before 7th edition came out).

So it looks like i have my army chosen (I love the idea of the Deathwatch and how I can incorporate marines / colour schemes from my opponents as future additions to my army).

It also means that I can look at breaking into an Ad Mech force which has been tickling at the edge of my imagination for a while as well.

I would expect a few more 40k posts going forward... now i need to find someone to take me through the nuances of the change from 6th to 7th edition.

In the mean time I will leave these pictures right here... I'm off to source a copy of Deathmasque to split with someone!

Halo Ground Command Art Work

Another very quick post.

The Art Work for Halo Ground command Rule book & Starter box. 

Looks very nice, getting more and more excited for this! 

Halo Ground Command

A quick post to plug the latest game coming out from Spartan Games, this does look good, and the article that Spartan Derek has written should wet you appetite quite nicely if you are interested already, and might make you keep an eye on it moving forward.

Planetfall Terrans vs Aquans

My last game of Planetfall was 3500 points of pure I wonder what would happen if I did this...

More pictures and the rest of the (quick read) report after the jump! 

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike Vector One: The Xilos Horizon (Unboxing)

So... in addition to a recent purchase of Halo Fleet Battles demo kit (and another game incoming).

On another note... my name is John, and I am a gaming addict

Anyway back on topi. Gates of Antares. I have been looking at this game as an alternative to Bolt Action. 

I don't play Bolt Action, not because I don't like the gameplay, but mainly because the setting doesn't grab me, this one does though.

A quick snap of the back of the box, before lots more pictures after the jump!

Halo Fleet Battles Demo Kit

I recently order the Halo Fleet Battles demo kit as a Spartan Vanguard.

The aim of the kit is to give you all the tools you need to effectively demo the game, and for those of us just starting up (or who have never been that great at demos in their mind) this is what I hope more companies provide for their games. 

Pictures and more pictures after the jump

Deadzone 2.0

So with the latest rules out, my brother and I embarked on a quick game to see how it played & felt compared to the previous version. 

Initial Impressions:- Impressed. 

I didnt think that Deadzone itself was slow to play or too clunky it did suffer from too many modifiers to dice.

Now all the modifiers are generally on the attackers dice, which means that the defender usually rolls a stander 3 D8's rather than the 2-5 it used to be.

Just having to only check this on one of the rolls speeds things up immeasurably. 

We played a 125 point game across three rounds (or full game turns if you will) with a race to 12 Victory points.

It ended 12-11, a very close game with lots of deaths on each side.

The Rebs lost 8 of their 10 models, while the Asterians lost 3 of their 6. IF you shot at something and could wangle a clean shot things died last night.

From a quick pick up and play perspective this works really well, it was brutal and quick and despite not having really re-read the rules since beta, and the rulebook being on my ipad only we managed to get through the whole thing in under an hour, something that will only get faster once you both have your model stats accessible.

This is most definately a new and improved version, and one to look out for if you fancy something to tide you over till Necromunda is eventually re-released by Games Workshop.

For myself I think the two of them will play just different enough that they are worth getting into, and the Deadzone terrain doubles up nicely for 40k / Necromunda / Infinity terrain as well!

Short and sweet from me today, next time I might even get some pictures up! 

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