The Khitari tide...

Just a quick post today... 24 bases of Khitari... 24... and thats without an infantry upgrade pack. 2 Core Helix's & 1 Recon Helix. 

So after a spray coat of Dark blue, followed by a dry brush of a lighter one, I then painted the bases Grey.

Followed by

Now just for a Earthshade Was on the blue, and a Nuln Oil was on the grey (maybe a bit of highlighting), before finishing the model off with some flock and sand. 

Why Play Planetfall?

I have been getting a chunk of games in with Planetfall recently. 

Generally these games have edged up towards the 5000 point totals, allowing a good amount of models and army choices to be fielded.

However I still get people asking me about why I play Planetfall. So, after some thought, here are a few of my reasons.

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Aquans vs Directorate - Battle Report (Pictures!)

This was a 5000 point game against the Game Designer, Derek. Unsurprisingly as the game designer he is pretty good at this...

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Directorate Heavy Helix Thoughts

My Directorate Heavy Helix thoughts, in direct competition with a second Leviathan in most lists, the Heavy Helix has to be able to stand on its own two feet (or tracks) to make the cut. 

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Directorate Leviathan Helix Thoughts

Some thoughts on the Leviathan Helix for the Directorate... overall very impressed and am seriously thinking about a second...

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Directorate Core Helix Thoughts

My thoughts on the Directorate Core Helix, have a read, and tell me what you think!

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