Spartan Games Purchases

A quick post, with a decline in my 40k gaming, I have gone on a recent spending spree on Spartan Games.

My current work bench has the following sets, finally now all undercoated.

Most of the support flotilla is actually 90% painted, I just need to get a few more colours on so I can show them all to you!

The Spartan Addiction...

All quiet on the 40k front... and the blogging front! 

I havent disappeared just taking my summer break from blogging, the weather here in Sunny scotland means the only times i am sat at my laptop is when I am at work, and while I would love them to pay me to blog, they don't and for some reason think its an abuse of computer privileges. 

So a few years ago Spartan Games began their relentless release of models for Dystopian Wars & Firestorm Armada.

I got into these games in a big way (at one point owning the four starter fleets for Dystopian Wars, along with a Firestorm Armada fleet, and one for Uncharted Seas.

Alas while my interest jumped in the games, the local area didnt really provide me with many opponents. 

Now things are picking up again with others in the area tempted into Dystopian Wars & Firestorm, this also meant their Uncharted Seas fleets have come out of the closet too. 

All in all it means I am spending money with Spartan again, the free time in my hobby that has appeared with the reduction in my want to play 40k has meant more time for other games. 

I am currently awaiting for an order of Ralgard & Covenant of Antartica to get me back into their three game systesms.

Add the two Directorate Starter Fleets, plus Battlecruisers and the Dystopian Legions set and you find my shelves being over taken by Spartan games.

The Directorate fleet is nearing completion from Spacedock and I hope to have some pictures for you all in the next few weeks.

With luck I might find myself with a lot more pictures for a lot more models... we will see how it pans out.

Painting Buildings.

Hey Dragkon here again.

So I thought I share some of the updated paint jobs on the terrain that is hiding at the back, just a simple but effective way of doing a stone effect building.

Sunday League 40K

Hey Drag here.

So over the last couple of months I have been taking part in a 40K League on a Sunday. It Started off at 500 points and goes up by 250 points every month for about year I think this one is set up to be. All you need to do is bring an army in that makes up to the size and play. So you can use different codex every week if you wanted to. 


Hey Dragkon here.

So I finally got round to paining these guys up just took me a away. They still are not fully finished but they are getting there. Probably need detail in one of the faces then get the bases done for them.

The Arcades


So at my local club we been doing a Dread ball league. So here is my team The Arcades.

The Knight

Yo Drag here.

So this is a long overdue post. When the Knights came out I got one just to paint it up and here we go.

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