vs Zombies!!! (Battle Report)

Many many months after getting all the models and rules through my Brother and I sat down to finally play a game of Deadzone solo play.

Sounds wierd right? Solo play but we had two of us... well let me explain...

Deadzone - Zombies!!!

Here a a couple of quick snaps of the Zombie horde that shambled its way over to my brothers painting table.

Can't wait to get full pictures of them painted and shambling for you all (they look awesome in person at the moment! 

Dindrenzi Colour Scheme - any thoughts?

Just a quick picture today, managed to snap this on my way out the door, looking for any comments or thoughts on the colour scheme. 

Might actually need to get a better picture of this in daylight! 

Aquan Heavy Helix - Painted

Basing the models is generally the problem and delay in me getting pictures up.

However I went on a recent basing spree that means I probably have a couple of weeks worth of painted models ready to post! 

This time its about the Aquan Heavy Helix, more piccys and info, after the jump! 

Terqaui Recon Helix Tactics & Comments

Following on from my completion of this Helix, I figured it was time to get some thoughts about their use out there. 

One of my first purchases after the intro box, and something I have never regretted buying or taking to the table top! 

More after the jump.

Terquai Recon Helix Painted (Picture Heavy)

So, I finally got my Terquai Recon Helix painted & based.

For all the pictures they are after the jump.

Convergence of Cyiss

 So last year (June 2014) I had begun planning this post for my latest gaming purchase.

Turns out that I never got round to completing it, but now I am looking at my Convergence, and getting their paint jobs finished up as I have some games with them at MinMax games in Kirkcaldy.

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