On the modelling table

As usual with my blogging I have gone through a bit of a slow patch, work and a 3 month old child keep things interesting.

However after a trip to Claymore today I got a bit more of a zing to get some models finished off. 

Here is a quick snapshot, all of these had the grass added today, easy but slow going with so many bases to do.

These will form the final piece of my Aquan forces, and when they are completed I should be able to get all my pictures up for that force (finally).

I also recently purchased the Aquan Fire Power leviathan and should have an unboxing post of it shortly.

In addtion to the Firepower Leviathan that I now need to assemble and paint, I have a Dindrenzi & Relthozan Core Helix to get sorted, and a Works Raptor Recon helix that needs its paint job finishing off.

When I get any helix completed I will aim to get a painted post of them up, followed up with a tactics post for them, admittedly all the tactics will be from my experience, but hopefully they will still prove useful!

August Planetfall Releases

So this month Planetfall moves onto some of its Aerial Helixes.

Given that the Helix is labelled the Aerial Interceptor Helix, that could represent a second follow up helix in the future?

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Dindrenzi Core Helix - Unboxing (Picture Heavy)

Another unboxing post, and this time its about the Dindrenzi Core Helix.

The Core Helixes for each race provide all the models you need (and even a building) to get you started gaming.

If you get two then you will have every option available to your Core Helix and the ability to tailor your Core Helix choices. 

The pictures, after the jump

The Khitari tide...

Just a quick post today... 24 bases of Khitari... 24... and thats without an infantry upgrade pack. 2 Core Helix's & 1 Recon Helix. 

So after a spray coat of Dark blue, followed by a dry brush of a lighter one, I then painted the bases Grey.

Followed by

Now just for a Earthshade Was on the blue, and a Nuln Oil was on the grey (maybe a bit of highlighting), before finishing the model off with some flock and sand. 

Why Play Planetfall?

I have been getting a chunk of games in with Planetfall recently. 

Generally these games have edged up towards the 5000 point totals, allowing a good amount of models and army choices to be fielded.

However I still get people asking me about why I play Planetfall. So, after some thought, here are a few of my reasons.

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Aquans vs Directorate - Battle Report (Pictures!)

This was a 5000 point game against the Game Designer, Derek. Unsurprisingly as the game designer he is pretty good at this...

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Directorate Heavy Helix Thoughts

My Directorate Heavy Helix thoughts, in direct competition with a second Leviathan in most lists, the Heavy Helix has to be able to stand on its own two feet (or tracks) to make the cut. 

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