My Own Free City (AoS)

Image credit Macrebisz
Still very much a glimmer in my eye, but AoS is more and more likely to be something I jump into, and in doing so I think it will help me to have a 'Free City' to link my collection together.

The link below shows Warhammer Communities thoughts & charts on how to do this.

Now while I don't intend to roll for all of these items (I have some clear ideas in mind) whereas for others I feel that a dice roll is the right way to do it.

So, first up!

the name:

Varcan Spire - with the Spire being randomly generated.


Realms - Ghryan / Ulgu
Size - City

Inhabitants (3)

Some Notriety (D3)
Renowed Gunnery School
Linger Chaos Catastrophe
Kharadron Overlords Trading post


This city allows me to build quite an interesting city out of Overlords (employed in the defence of the city, Dwarves, Dryads & Lizardmen - using those older names).

And all of these are armies I have used before and that I am interesting in some of the models for them!

Hopefully this helps kickstart me into AoS moving forward. My focus in the short term will of course be on the Overlords, but I look forward to some of the options this gives me moving forward! 


Varcan Spire, straddling the realms of Ghyran & Ulgu, surrounded on one side by a lush forest, and the other by tall mountains, is home to an interesting mix of races, with the Duradin & Slyvaneth coexisting along side Seraphon & their temples. The city boasts a sizeable trading post, compelte with docks for Kharadron Overlords. Its gunnery school helps attract the Overlords while the Duradin & Slyvaneth have fierce shooting tournaments piting bows vs guns. The Spire is still haunted by a Chaos catastrophe, meaning they face regular invasions from followers of the Plague god.