Ultramarines Gallery - Painted Units (Updated)

Updated 18th October 2017

Below is a picture of each of my completed models (since 8th Edition Release), you can click on the image to go to the related article showing you more pictures and any comments I may have made. 

If the link isnt present it probably means that the article is planned and scheduled, and I will get it updated as quickly as I can!

I will also do my best to keep track of how often each unit type gets used, so if nothing else I can try and make sure I get games with all my models this edition!

I will also look to update this with the squad markings as I am close (so very close) to a full company of Ultramarines, 2nd Company to be specific! But it also means that I am going to start delving into another company with the spare guys I don't need more of in 2nd Company. 

Roboute Guilliman - Lord of War Games Used - 1

What more needs to be said, Guilliman is probably the best unit in the Codex, and at the price its hard not to argue for taking him... which is why I don't use him. I am trying lists without him to see how they play out, this may change in the future though as I love the model and how he has turned out for me!

Chapter Master - HQ - Games Used 9

The Chapter Master upgrade worked nicely on him, he did not really shoot his gun, or use his axe (by choice at least), so I need to figure out if the best build for him is as minimal weapons as possible to make him cheap, and then keep him hidden. As a side note his smaller base size doesnt play as well to him being a chapter master as a Terminator captain or Primaris captain.

Chapter Master / Lieutenant / Captain - HQ - Games Used 0

This guy is converted from the Limited Edition Standard Bearer, he was initially built up to lead my 30k forces as a Centurion / Praetor, and has the Legate Axe equipped. The Helmet is from the the 40k Ultramarines upgrade sprue. While I haven't managed to fit him into my 40k army yet I look forward to getting to use him! 

Lieutenants - HQ - Games Used 9

Helped me fill out a Supreme command detachment for +1 command point, and their plasma had its uses. As a cheaper, more versatile option than Primaris Lieutenants I can see these guys being used more and more moving forward. 

Captain in Gravis Armour - HQ Games Used - 1

Again only used in one game against the T'au where he held his own, but much more research is required, I feel he is a little expensive and lacking in options, which is part of the challenge of fitting him into a list I can use. 

Librarian - HQ - Games Used 9

My Librarian, painted so quickly, and useful in his first game, almost worthwhile in his second before killing himself in my third game. Having now played him in 9 games, I do think he is worth while his buffs can make a big difference (pushing the Spartan / Repulsor to T9 is actually pretty big!)

Primaris Ancient - Elite - Games Used 1
This guy might only have featured in one of my games, but that is because such a large percentage of my points are now invested in non infantry models. When I get round to getting more games in with my Devastators & Hellblasters this guy will definitely see the table top! 

Intercessor Squad Alpha - Games Used 3 (just an Intercessor Squad)
Intercessor Squad Beta
The Intercessors (Alpha & Beta) continue to impress me, as I figure out their best uses, their fire at longer range with that -1 helps massively, and at shorter range they can do some truly impressive damage for their squad size. I am still undecided on their sweet spot unit size, and look forward to using their other weapon choices in the coming months. 

Intercessor Squad Gamma - Games Used - 6
These guys have only recently been completed, but they have now played in 6 games for me, and i have to say i am liking the Auto-Boltrifle. The extra shots at 24", plus the ability to run and still shoot works really well, giving you a decent amount of movement and flexibility! 

Scout Squad Alpha - Games Used 6

These guys dont have the best of of reputations with me, they really only came good in my sixth game with them, but I think thats partly because l like to run them away from the support of my buffing units, so they are being compared unfairly. Some plans to add Missile Launchers as options for them and see how they perform moving forwards.

Primaris Lieutenants Games Used - 8
I have had Primaris Lieutenants in lots of my games and they always feel like they add value to the army. At 74 points these guys dont have to do a lot to make the difference. The one with Power sword is my preference as he tends to get up close and personnal and always lasts longer than I expect!

Hellblaster Squad - Heavy Support Games Used - 5
These guys havent yet had a good game for me, normally being a priority target, and I dont think they ever lasted past turn 2 (well maybe in my first game with them!). Further thought required to bring them back into the fold and make them truly useful!

Inceptors - Fast Attack - Games Used - 5

These guys were middle of the road in the 5 games I have used them, at their best they arrived and flattened a soft target to help me get First Blood, and maybe got a bit of extra shooting in, but inevitably they were dead by turn 3 at the latest... expanding this unit to 6 strong will help massively and allow them to threaten a much wider range of targets! 

Contemptor Dreadnoughts - Elite - Games Used - 2

Second game with a Contemptor, and again he performed well, but died early, need to get them in a better position! 

Landraider - Dominatus - Games Used - 15

The Landraider has managed to get on the field now in something like 15 times, and everytime bar one it has been worth its points, the one time it wasnt it got whacked by a Predator Annhilator & another Landraider. These are expensive but they can dominate the battlefield! Although the Repulsor is looking like a cheaper and potentially more flexibile option...

Spartan Assault Tank - Maccragres Honour - Games Used - 9

So the Spartan has taken to the field for me in 9 games so far, once used along side Guilliman, and three times at Firestorm and five times at Rapid Fire. Its a beast, it can take a pounding and in the list I use it in, its not the only T8 target for my enemies to target. Absolutely love it! 

Repulsor Grav Tank - Avalanche - Games Used - 6
Man of the match in 4 of the 5 games at Rapid Fire, vs enemy of the match in a friendly game. For Man of the Match he took 12 wounds off Magnus, and then Magnus decided he wouldn't charge the Repulsor. In another game he accounted for 6 of my 11 Victory points. Seriously, the firepower this throws out is terrifying!