Dakka Repulsor - Complete

Pretty happy with how this has come out.

This boy is kitted out with pretty much all the shots I can wangle. 

Heavy Onslaught Cannon: 12
Onslaught Canon: 6
Heavy Bolter: 6
Ironhail Stubber: 3
Stormbolter x 3: 6 (12 at 12")
Fragstorm Launcher: 2D6
Krakstorm Launcher: 2

At 12" - 41 + 2D6 shots - (or basically when you can charge it).
At 18" - 35 + 2D6 shots
At 24" - 33 shots

In my games so far it has performed very well, but that 3+ armour save does not help it, although the -2" to an enemy charge helps neuter a load of deep strike / infiltrating armies. 

This shot has revealed a small oversight on one of the frag launchers in the bottom left- will be getting this fixed this week. 

I have a couple of the Brass Etchings from Forgeworld to clearly show the Chapter Markings. 

I dithered for a while with the repulsor tech and I am happy with the outcome! 

A couple of snaps of the base, that almost no one will be able to see as its pretty small, but I am pretty proud of it. 

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