Ultramarine Librarian

Another of my recent characters, painted just in time for Firestorm, and hopefully long to feature in my armies. 

The clampack Librarain looks fine, but I knew I wanted to do at least a small conversion on him to make him truly mine. 

As I said this conversion was pretty straight forward, it involved:

The Bare Head from teh Ultramares Upgrade Sprue,
A shoulder pad from the same sprue
A Cataphractii Combi Bolter
A MkIV marine right bolter army (re cut so it wasnt across the body)
A plasma gun from the MkIV kit - the trigger hand being cut off from the gun and attached to the end of the arm
The Power Dagger / Short Sword from the Ultramarines kit. 

This then allowed me to get the post that I feel has worked pretty nicely

I brought his blue armour up a couple of shades, except on his Ultramarine shoulder pad, and while I may have his chapter symbol on the wrong army I am still happy with how he looks! 

Three games in and he has only killed himself once from Perils (two successive tests failed on a double 1!)... fingers crossed that doesn't happen again for a while!