Primaris Ancient - Complete

One of the final models that needed basing and painting from the Dark Imperium box set. 

For my Ultramarines I have decided that the Ancients shall be sporting golden headwear, rather than the White helmet to denote a veteran. 

As you can see no text on the banner at this time as I am trying to figure out how I want to do it (paint brush or pen of some sort?) and what I want to do with it. 

You will also notice that like most of my Ultramarine models his shoulder is bare of any squad markings, and thats because I am going to look at actually using the mountain of Transfers I have kicking around.

Usually I hate and avoid working with Transfers, but this army is pretty close to completion now so I really should spend some time practising how to get these transfers right, and really Ultramarines and Squad marking, and Company marking these guys up!