Intercessors - Auto Boltrifles - Complete

Loved painting and modelling these guys. It was my first time out using cork bases to represent stone slabs and I am pretty happy with how they have turned out. 

These ten guys did a good job in the tournament I attended, and that doubling of wounds helps out pretty well. 

The Sergeant with a power sword... probably wasted points but I love how they look! 

The Auxiliary grenade launchers lend themselves to some great poses as well, the firing from the hip

And complete with their transport, company and squad markings still need to be added to both, but as thats something I haven't done before these guys are complete, and I need to do some additional work to figure out the best way to do that

You can see the rest of my painted Ultramarine Units in the Gallery here


Vulkaan said…
They look really good...but...did you skip the eyes?
Kraggi said…
Thank you very much!

Never been very good at getting the eyes done without ruining the helmet, so all my marines lenses mysteriously match the armour colour... its something I keep meaning to try and practise, and then I will look at how much I want to re-do the rest of the army