Intercessor Squad Alpha

So first of the two Intercessor squads from the Dark Imperium box set. 

I have seen a number of people say that the new Primaris marines have ruined normal marines for them, this isnt the way I feel about it, they are lovely miniatures but I still enjoy assembling and painting the older scale marines. 

Full disclosure the sergeant in this picture is likely to stop being this intercessor squads sergeant shortly, as I am purchasing a box of the multi pose Intercessors and he is the easiest of the two Sergeants I have painted to do a gun swap on (as I want my second squad to have one of the other weapon choices - no idea what yet though!)

This is Bob, I think Bob was meant to be the Sergeant, or one of the Sergeants, instead box is the first model to be remove from this squad, as he doesnt have his helmet and is therefore the most likely to be killed in combat... poor Bob.

I do love this sergeant, the question for me is whether I decided to swap both of the hands for other options, at the moment I think I will just be swapping the gun hand... but we will see!