Army List Wednesdays Grey Knights 2000 Points

So as follow up to last weeks email, here are some thoughts about a 2000 point list for the Chaos of the Warp tournament at the beginning of March.

Now my 1750 list is a solid list that has worked well in the tournaments it has been in, so I am going to build on this, rather than start from Scratch again.

As such here is my first proposed 2000 point list:

Grandmaster – Incinerator, Psychotoke Grenades
Terminators x 10, 2 Psycannons
Strike Squad x 10, 2 Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition
Interceptors x 10, Psycannon, 6 Force Halberds, Daemonhammer
Dreadknight, Personnal Teleporter, H. Incinerator
Dreadknight, Personnal Teleporter, H. Incinerator
Dreadnought. Assault Cannon, Psybolt Ammunition
This brings me in at 1995 points.

It also means that using my tried and tested method of rushing the enemy has more options. Two Dreadknights, 10 Interceptors, Stormraven with Dreadnought, 5 Terminators & a Grey Knight Grandmaster.

Due to it being 2000 points I even have some dudes left to hold my side of the table!

I am always a bit cautious of any plan that requires a Stormraven, mainly because one lucky Autocannon shot, or even St6 shot and I am immobilised and unable to deliver my cargo.

However this is certainly a list I am considering.

Your thoughts? Anything here you think you would change or improve? Have you fought against this list recently, or something similar. How did it perform?


Rusty Nail said…
I like it, everybody will concentrate on the Stormraven which will leave your big boys and the Interceptors to cause their usual amounts of pain and mayhem. I can see it struggling against a lot of av12 and above stuff, or the inevitable 3 or 4 Landraider list.