40k CGI Movie!

 A video link to a Trailer for a Fan Based CGI movie, its been around for a while but sounds like it has got the nod from GW!

So, while browsing the blogs I found this.

For those of you who havent seen it, or arent aware of it I strongly advised having a watch of this. 

Here is the low down from Erasums Brosdau the guy who has designed the trailer.

From Erasmus Brosdau:

Games Workshop decided to finally give me the 100% green light for this project and now this project is totally free and don’t has to hide anymore:) The Emperor listened to our prayers and made the impossible possible: The first allowed fan movie for Warhammer 40.000:) So tomorrow I go to my local GW store and buy something haha, just to support them, and you should do the same; buy lots of Torquemada figures:)

And on the story writer announcement:
The main story writer for The Lord Inquisitor is Aaron Dembski -Bowden, well known for his Warhammer 40.000 novels for the Black Library and Horus Heresy:) This is of course so cool, I don’t know what else to write – and there is probably no need for that;)


Lead Legion said…
Good news! GW has finally realised that fan produced material is GOOD for bussiness.
Kraggi said…
Yes, fingers crossed for more and that it may continue for a long time!

However the video should have been in this post so let me update it.
Kraggi said…
Updated to show the link! Apologies!