Stronghold Game 2

In my second game at Stronghold I was drawn against Jamie. I have played him a few times, the first back at the Crucible last year, and the time after that at the Doubles with my Brother.

This time his Space Wolf list looked like this.

To be honest... it scared be, not a lot, but just enough.

After my Setup

And my setup again

Space Wolf Setup

Dreadknights Advance!

Interceptors Advance!

The End of my 1st Turn

Notice the missing Dreadknight?

Wrong place for the Interceptors to be!

Space Wolf Armoured Wedge!

The Surviving Strike Squad Members Advance!

The game was Capture and Control, and my biggest concern was the number of models he had, especially when compared to then number I had.

The game went badly from his first shooting phase when he got Jaws of the World Wolf off (on a double 1, so less 1 wound lol) followed by me rolling a 6 on my Dreadknight... bye bye 235 points.

It went from bad to worse when the same thing happened two turns later and my second Dreadknight disappeared as well.

End result... a draw with a whopping 5 guys left... fortunately they were holding my objective uncontested! So small mercies!

All in all another great game, the dice let me down for sure with those two terribly timed 6's however I figure someone else will have to suffer my luck going to good!

The list was very well built as it had lots of scoring, a decent wedge of armour to advance, and the objective was places so he could advance towards mine, I was lucky to get a draw, and it wasnt really a fair result of how well Jamie played his game.