Orc War Boss

Hey Dragkon here.

I thought I put some images up for an another Orc boss that I did a bit of extra work on. The modal had vary little work done on it but I didn't like it being on a flat base and I also had veiw that a Orc boss should stand out more from the rest of the army so I went about making it that he is standing rocks giving it more a dramatic look. Repainted to make it fit in with my army and how it is looking now also included the small axe that you can see on the there.

The base was created from green stuff and couple of stones from my backgarden. The greenstuff mainly used to keep it up at the right angle and also making it look it one large stone after that i got skulls form the orc regiment boxset and placed them in places to give it that more dramatic look to it.

I do like the look of the new boars more than this but I still think it looks 'ard but it still doesn't have the fur like the new ones so I ended dry brushing bleached bone along the skin to give it that look like it does have fur.

Creating the base for this was fun to do as it makes more of a centre peice for the army hopefully I will get around to doing some more funky base work on future modals.

Till next time Dragkon