Stronghold 2012 - Review

The first tournament of 2012 for me!

So I have competed in my first tournament of 2012... here is brief breakdown of how it went!

1250 Points
No Special Characters.

The list I chose to use can be found here. However here are some pictures of the army I took.

The Army in all its Glory, all 24 Models of it!

The Grandmaster... love him in 1750... not sure how much he helped in 1250.

This unit didnt have the Daemonhammer... and had some damage in Transit hence the missing components!

This unit didnt actually have a Force Halberd... I just came up 1 Model Short!

As Usual, Dreadknights take a lot of shots, and distract the enemy!

And the second one!

The Second Strike Squad, 5 man this time to hide an claim objectives!

My main aim is going to be post the results of this later this week, followed by an update in the next few days with how each of my four games went! 

Overall I finished 8th out of 20, which could have been a lot worse (given the summaries below)!

Game 1: Black Templars
Mission: Sieze Ground, 4 Objectives, Spearhead
Personnal Mission: Choose an enemy Troop and wipe them out!
Result: Win

Game 2: Space Wolves
Mission: Capture and Control, Pitched Battle
Personnal Mission: Kill the most Expensive HQ choice the enemy has!
Result: Draw

Game 3: Imperial Guard
Mission: Annhilation, Dawn of War
Personnal Mission: Capture the most objectives on the table!
Result: Draw

Game 4: Dark Eldar
Mission: Stronghold (Will post the details later)
Personnal Mission: None
Result: Loss

In the meantime here are couple of random shots I got while at the tournament... not many of them though!