Stronghold Game 3

So back for game 3!

This time I was facing Imperial Guard... any army I own but have never actually fought in a singles game.

We were playing Annhilation and Dawn of War. I got a 2 on my Grandstrategy so had both of my Dreadknights Outflank.

In hindsight I made some significant mistakes while playing this game... and in the end they cost me the game.
So this is from the Imperial Guard Turn 2 (missed pictures of the 1st & 2nd Turn)

The Vendetta hand me very worried!

As you can see the Imperial Guard raced towards the obective in my deployment as fast as they could.

At the beginning with a Dreadknight & 10 Interceptors I chose to try and hit the Banewolf, rather than killing the Heavy Weapons team (I figure both are kill points right? 1 Stunned result and my Dreadknight gets to kill the Banewolf in combat!

However in my excitement I forgot that it was AV 12/12/10 and only had the incinerators that could hurt it, meaning the Dreadknight missed it entirely in the combat phase!

Had I shot the Dreadknight at the Heavy Weapons team I would have likely wiped them out... and that 1 kill point would have been useful!

On the other flank in the Imperial Guards 1st turn it took a mere 3 Metlas and 2 Lascannons to down my Dreadknight, as I failed all 4 Invulernable saves that I needed just 1 pass.

Again that result cost me dearly, as did me wasting shooting on the Vendetta!

The Interceptors also let me down, with 4 of them failing to kill 1 Imperial Guard Colnel... my mistake was boosting the Strength rather than charging the force weapons!

At the end of the game I had 4 men left, and 8 Kill points, my opponent had 5 kill points, but controlled an objective in my half of the table granting them an additional 3 Kill points! So a draw... which was fair as it was up there as one of my most enjoyable games!

So that put me as a W D D for the tournament so far... onto Game 4!