Lancer Warjack

Ok so Dragkon Hijacking this one for a minute. A quick look at my Lancer class Light Warjack.

 This is a cool model to put together but the only issue I had was with the spear. I opened the packaging and found it almost bent in a semi circle. This was pretty annoying but I managed to get almost straight by running hot water over it and (gently) bending it back into position .


eljeko said…
To make the lance straight you need to put it into hot water an left it into for 5-10 seconds.

I used a little pot with water (don't make it boiling) then I put the lance into a strainer and the strainer into hot water.

When the lance got "softer" (check it by removing lance form hot water) I pulled the top spike and the bottom spike of the pole/lance in opposite directions (be careful not too much pulling) after 2-3 secs of pulling I put it under cold water to fix the straight position.

remember to check water temperature before put your hand/fingers into it ;)