The Orges Are Here!

Hey! Dragkon here. With some more cool pics!

I have to say first off I am one of these people who enjoy the painting aspect of this hobby more than anything else. Really I do! Since the new Orge Kingdom book came out I have been wanting more and more to collect them and have a mighty army of Orges. Well here is the first of more to come of the Orges that I have. 

 A full look around the modal. This for me is one of the better finecast that has been released. It doesn't not feel like a part of it would snap off with the slightest touch. I know that people are saying that you don't need to have a Tyrant in your army now, just take a butcher/ slaughter master. I just like the look of this guy and with the right toys he would be unstoppable in a game. Still got the rest of the army to do but this is a good start.

Till next time. Dragkon


John Lambshead said…
Beautifully detailed. The face is superb