Dystopian Wars - KoB Aircraft Carrier

The Kingdom of Britannia Aircraft Carrier, what you get when you buy it, and simple assembly & painting instructions.

This was first posted over on Belloflostsouls, so there is a chance you may have already seen this, if so I apologise, if not enjoy!

When the Dystopian Wars first came out this was the one model of all of the previews that I was least interested in.

I picked it up anyway as I wanted the Aircraft Carrier for any fleet I bought. When I got it home and opened, here are the contents of the blister.

Not too many pieces, and not too complicated.

As you can see it had some decent size chunks of Resin as both the Hulls and the actual flight deck.

The first thing I noticed when assembling this was how easily all the pieces fit together, and how snug the fit is between the resin and metal components.

Here are a couple of shots with the pieces just being assembled (no glue at this point).

As I have mentioned before I love the details on their models, and this model was fun to assemble, and was easy enough to paint to (what I call) a decent table top standard. With better brush skills I am sure it could be stunning.

One thing I did when assembling this, as I wasn't sure how easy it would be to transport was to glue the model in three distinct and seperate components.

This made the whole thing easier to transport, and as you can probably just make out around the flight deck the struts for holding the hulls together have been attached.

This actually meant I could do a snap fit on the model, and when done it held the model together remarkably well.

I eventually decided to glue all three pieces together, and as you can see from the shot above I also decided on a different colour scheme for the fighters.

All in all, I am very happy with how this model has turned out.

When painting it I used Boltgun Metal on all the Metallic areas, Adeptus Battlegrey on the main hulls, Bestial Brown for the wooden decking and Ultramarines blue to give it a Kingdom of Britannia feel (at least to me). Then, to finish it off a wash of Devlan mud.

The fighters themselves were Drybrushed Ultramarines Blue, and then I added a bit of white and did several light dry burshes before painting the squadron colours on the wings.

I hope this gives you all a bit of inspiration, and a better look at this model. So far the whole of the Dystopian Wars range has been this impressive, and this fun to paint and model. If any of you have any hints or tips of how to paint / model a Dystopian Wars then please feel free to leave a comment below!


Thalenchar said…
Cool stuff! That is one fine looking model, and nicely painted as well. I think you just swung me to getting a carrier for CoA! Thanks!

Right, I'm off to place an order...

ps, I'll post pics of mine on my blog when I get it!
Kraggi said…
I look forward to seeing it as the CoA Carrier looks awesome too!