Showcase Savage Orcs

Another day, another set of pictures. So far so good it seems on my New Years resolution.

This is perhaps one of my Brothers best units, not completed yet as he wants it 40 strong or so, but if these ten are anything to go by I look forward to seeing them on the table.

Hopefully not when they are about to hit one of my units though!

Here are the last pictures I showed of just the unit champion... I REALLY like these models though.


RTGamer said…
Really nice Models There dude. Keep these Pictures coming. They are guiltily pushing me to start painting my own stuff.
Dragkon said…
Thanks guys.

Yea Kraggi had fun taking alot photos that day. Not too sure how meny he took tho :S
Kraggi said…
Lots of pictures... lots of them.

In truth this is one of his best units, however I know there are some future posts that are just as impressive (if not more so!).