Army List Wednesdays Grey Knights - 1250

So in the next 5 weeks I have three tournaments in Rapid Succession.

Stronghold – 1250 Points
40k Doubles Tournament – 1750 (875 each)
Chaos of the Warp – 2000

With this in mind I decided it was high time to look at getting some lists together.
Now I already have a plan of which armies I am using for each Tournament, and its pretty easy. Grey Knights for Stronghold & Chaos of the Warp, Necrons for the Doubles.

Since I don’t need practise with my Grey Knights they get theory crafting while the Necrons get playtime. Its harsh I know, but there you go.

So first up, some ideas for the Stronghold tournament 1250 points.

My first list is:
Inquisitor, Terminator Armour, Psycannon
Terminators x 10, Psycannon x 2
Strike Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2, Psybolt Ammo
Dreadknight – H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter
Dreadknight – H. Psycannon, Personnal Teleporter

So this list is a chopped down version of my 1750 list. I have lost Draigo and the Interceptors and replaced them with the Inquistor. All in all pretty happy with this, 4 scoring units and two threatening units to cause people problems!

The second list is a modified version of the one I took to the Glasgow Crucible last year.

Inquisitor – Terminator Armour, Psycannon
Terminators x 5, Psycannon
Strike Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2
Dreadknight – H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter
Dreadknight – H. Incinerator, Personnal Teleporter

This again has two fast moving threats and the Landraider for a bit of ranged threats. It also gives me a nice place to hide models should I be worried about the enemy firepower.
In both lists the tactics are pretty simple. Be Aggressive. My guys need to get close, and need to do so quickly to stop the enemy. The Dreadknights can either try and save their shunt for late objective grabs, or can use it in Turn 1 or 2 (my preferred method) to force the enemy to either kill them or be in combat with them.

Simple plans work best, and as of yet no one has found an easy way to deal with both Dreadknights in a turn so fingers crossed this will keep my chances up there.
So any thoughts or opinions on these lists? Which do you think is the better of the two, or what would you take?


Atreides said…
those actually have the potential to be quite nasty.

you have given me some good ideas actually.
I don't know the points costs but is there any way this could fit?

Grand Master
Strike squad/termie squad (5)
Strike squad/termie squad (5)
Interceptors (10)
Shunting Dreadknight
Shunting Dreadknight

you could make the interceptors and dreadknights scout or scoring depending on mission and use the rest to take objectives and tie things up. i think it could be really nasty and hit pretty hard.

i might play around with this concept as a base for larger lists actually.
Kraggi said…
That with all of them at minimums so basically listed as Strike Squads, no additional weapons you would have spent 1045 points.

So it is technically do able, but adding in Incinerators is another 60, leaving you under 100 points for upgrades.

I suppose a Psycannon for each Strike Squad, then 75 points of upgrades on the Interceptors?
RTGamer said…
As someone who is looking into the Grey Knights this iwas a good insight from a vet. I wish I know 40k better...
Rusty Nail said…
These are nasty, having played both the original 1000pt and 1750pt lists they are lists that force you to play on his terms and there is very little in them that you can " leave till later"
Having said that you need the Hvy Incinerator on the Dreadknights, it's just too versatile to ignore.
However if you can get a Grand Master in and keep the two big boys with their flamers then the potential to have so many scoring units, or scouting Dreadknights is horrible to have to deal with.
Kraggi said…
RT, I would look at waiting till 6th Ed is either confirmed or not confirmed. You will be on a level playing field, probably an advantage then (cause you wont have to unlearn anything).

I keep debating it Rusty... I keep debating it!