Mighty Empire Map - Pictures

Following on from my Planetary Empires post a few weeks ago, here are some snap shots of a Mighty Empires map done by my brother Dragkon.

Again I think it looks amazing and I epescially like the Autumn forest in the middle of the map!

If you are interested in a Mighty Empires or Planetary Empires map painted by Dragkon please feel free to drop us an email at Varcancluster@sky.com where we can discuss what you are interested in.


RTGamer said…
Looks Fantastic. Well done guys. I really want to pick up this but with my Tax return being a Tax owed I think It'll have to wait a while.

How was the forest done?
Dragkon said…
Hey RTGamer

Thanks, It's a really good set to get this was created through both the 40K and fantasy sets.

The forest were done with a mixture of paints being dabbed on to each other help create the autumm look to it, then a wash of devlan mud was applyed to blend it a bit better.

All the colours used; Merhrite red, Iyanden darksun, Blazing Orange, Goblin green with a bit of skull white mixed in and finaly the wash Devlan mud.