GW Doubles Tournament Game 1

So our first game ended up being a Dual Imperial Guard list. This was never going to be fun.

Their list is shown below.

They got the first turn and we failed to seize. It was a three objective game, with one in the centre of the board being worth 2 points.  Basically a modified Capture and Control.

Now this game was a while ago, so I will do my best to remember what happened and how!

Turn 1:

We used our Solar pulse figuring it was our best chance, however their Search lights thwarted us illuminating all three of their Main Targets, the Stormraven, Command Barge and Annhilation Barge. 

Our Scarabs failed their Unholy Alliance roll and were pinned in place for our first turn. 

In their opening turn they managed to Immobilise the Stormraven, Kill the Command Barge, Kill the Annhilation Barge, and make the Immortals flee off the table (3 casualties was enough so it seems).

Our 1st Turn was subdued, with so much destroyed, however the Necron Lord advanced alongside the Librarian, Terminators & Dreadnought who disembarked from the Stormraven. The Ghost Ark moved towards the objective in the middle of the table. The Assault Marines also moved up ready to try and assist in the assault. 

The Necron Lords Tachyon Beam missed the Vendetta he aimed for (much as I reckoned it might with our dice rolls lol! The Vendetta managed to shake a Chimera crew that had strayed in range of its Multi-Melta

Turn 2:
In their turn 2 they jetted their Chimeras forward targeting the Assault Marines and Terminators, however while they had success in flattening the Assault Marines down, the Terminators emerged unscathed. 

The Ghost Ark died quite horribly from the massed enemy fire, however the warriors didn't lose anyone, and just sat in the wreckage in range of the middle objective (at this point I we were technically winning 2-1 lol). 

The Stormraven yet again was stunned, reducing it to one weapon option in the following phase (a frustrating result).

In our Turn 2, the Necron Lord and Assault Terminators charged one Company Command Squad, while the Necron Warriors opened up and stopped the Demolisher from firing. The Scarabs leapt forward and with a decent fleet roll, guaranteed themselves a turn 2 charge on a Leman Russ tank (or or the other). 

The Stormraven took a pop at the Vendetta with one of its Bloodstirke Missiles, however true to its name it missed. 

In combat the Terminators and Lord killed their opponents before consolidating further forward, the Librarian Immobilised a Chimera using its chassis for cover.

Turn 3
Their shooting phase came around again with more Chimeras advancing on us, and more men pouring out. The Stormraven once again ended up stunned, while the Assault Marines & Librarian were wiped out. 

A unit of Veterans and the punisher opened up on the remaining Warriors reducing them to 8 warriors after Reanimation Protocols, a unit that had gone to ground to try and survive it at all. 

In our Turn 3, the Terminators tried to advance to the main objective to contest it, while the Necron Lord may a beeline in the Blob Squads direction, getting enough distance to charge a Platoon Command Squad. He then managed to spoon his attacks (which I wanted lol) however the one kill he got was enough to make them break and run, he was unable to catch them so consolidated into Cover. 

As the terminators didnt have the distance to charge the Veterans shooting at my Warriors, they instead engaged the Chimera they were next to wrecking it. The Stormraven tried again to kill the Vendetta but only managed to prevent it shooting. 

The Scarabs managed to get into the Demolisher and wrecked it from their hits alone, without needing to try and penetrate it. 

Turn 4:
At this point we were fast running out of men, the Necron Lord ended up with three Lascannons to the face from the other Vendetta, which unfortunately knocked him down.

The Remaining Warriors died, along with the Scarabs. The Stormraven finally died as well, leaving us with a downed lord and 1Terminators. As the terminators took an awful lot of firepower to the face. 

The Lord failed his Reanimation Roll, and that was me out of the game! The Terminators began their march towards the central objective. 

At this our opponents asked us if we wanted to continue and we said yes... we wanted to force them to wipe us out... unfortunately in their turn 5 they obliged. The Assault Terminator survived most of the Armies shooting but the 12 wounds from the Punisher Leman russ was enough to kill him with only 2 rolls being failed. 


Overall we went from an outright losing position, to one where if the Necron Lord had gotten back up, and if we had been a little better on our charges we could have squeezed a draw. Would have been totally unfair on our opponents but it was possible.

The opponents were good, completely disbelieving as we failed every roll, and they passed all theirs in the opening turn, but it wasn’t their fault our luck wasn’t in lol. 

Next Post Game 2!

Ok so its a random picture of Dragkon from the begining of the game... but photos of him are few and far between!


Lead Legion said…
Sometimes that's what it all comes down too -the roll of the dice.
Kraggi said…
Yes very true.

Our list was up against it from the get go, however going first would have been better.

All in all I have to say that these things happen, and while this wasnt an easy start to our tournament (although we had a wail of a time after he had decided it was all done and dusted, cause we threw the kitchen sink at them), it was overall a good experience.

How to deal with adversity lol.