Ironclad Warjack

Another of Dragkons Painted Models, this time the Ironclad from his Cygnar Forces.


I especially like the work he has done on the base with Green Stuff.


Pete W said…
That's a nice looking warjack. Simple but effective with the paint scheme.

I'm sorely tempted by Warmachine, especially with more and more stuff in resin, and the colossals coming out this summer.

Kraggi said…
It is a fun game, can be a bit rock/paper/scissors however still enjoyable.

If you can find someone to play, or are willing to fork out for the starter then I would say definitely give it a shot.
Anonymous said…
Colour looks jaded and in all honesty looks like it was painted by a 5 year old.
Kraggi said…
Well Anon, each to their own I guess, having seen the model in real life I can tell you the photo's don't do it justice (but then you probably expect me to say that right?).

It wasn't meant to look bright n shiney, but worn and damaged.

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