Guildball Engineers - Painted! (Picture heavy)

So the engineers I shared earlier this week are now painted and based, something of a record for me in recent years, which is also a testament to how much I enjoyed my demo game with local Pundit Greg. 

While they didnt end up with the (somewhat drab in my view) aprons shown above, I am pretty happy with the overall result.

Lots of pictures, after the jump! 

Intro to Guildball (Quick Review)

Having owned Guildball since early may, and not even having assembled all the models until the last week or two, I figured it was finally time to find out if I would actually be completing the models, or taking them back to Carronade to sell (like too many of my usual impulse purchases!).

After the jump I will take you through a couple of pictures of my opening game, although as a sneak peak - this game is worth playing!

Guild ball Engineers.. WIP

Guildball, I heard about the Kickstarter and didnt get involved... afterall it was just another Dreadball / Blood bowl type game, and I already play those.

Well somehow without playing an actual game of Guildball I managed to still pick up a full team of Engineers (shown below) and most of a team of butchers (for a later post).

For now some work in progress shots of the models, and later this week hopefully some fully painted ones!

The pictures are all after the jump! 

Rebs Support Booster - Deadzone

My final post about Deadzone purchases (at least till its all / mostly painted anyway).

These were picked up by my brother, who hasn't got round to painting them, and he handed me the box.

Bolt Action - Semi Live Posting!

So around about now, I should be getting my first demo game of Bolt Action against one of the younger players at our club.

I seem to remember him telling me it would be a 500 / 750 point game, although i have no idea what forces I am going to be using.

I tried watching the Beasts of War intro game, but didnt get much past the first unit activation.

I have been avoiding Bolt Action for a while with a worry that I wont be able to paint the models well enough to do justice to them, and additionally it would be my first Historical wargame, vs Fantasy or Sci-fi.

Its a lot easier to pick a Sci-fi or Fantasy game, choose your own paint scheme and just go, where as with Bolt Action it just feels different... I guess partly because it isnt based in fantasy, this really happened... and despite the simplicity (or so I am told) of good paint jobs in Bolt Action I still have my reservations. 

We will see how I feel after the game tonight, I certainly get the impression it will be cinematic!

Update 1
The battlefield

Update 2 
The forces

My opponents

Slightly different terrain...

With so many games of planetfall I decided it was time to look at expanding my Terrain collection.

Given that Objectives can be placed in the open (meaning only Vehicles can score them), or in buildings / emplacements, meaning both Vehicles & Infantry can.

More after the jump! 

Aquan Aerial Interceptor Helix

I had plans for doing an unboxing on these guys, but I am a bit behind in getting them picked up. so if you want to see an unboxing, click here.

Deadzone - Forgefather Starter Set (WIP)

Last November I received my final shipment for Deadzone, in addition to the Asterians, I got a Forgefather starter set.

Planetfall - Directorate thoughts

With the Recon Helix and the additional infantry models out for all the factions, I thought it would be worth having a look at how these purchases can easily affect how you might decide to build your forces.

More thoughts after the jump...

Stage 1A Mark II

Another forgotten post from when my wave 2 shipment from Mantic arrived. 

It ncluded a Plague booster faction that provided me with another Stage 1A, this time I went for a slightly wider positioning on the arms.

Need to get him painted, but you can just about see the difference in these pictures.

The only real challenge with the Mantic models is that converting them is much more of a challenge especially with the lack of multiple part minis. 

Ah well, two Stage 1A's.... mwhahahahahaha!!!!

Relthoza Core Helix - Unboxing (Picture Heavy)

So another of my recent purchases, mainly to allow an allied battlegroup (or for me to just buy cool models for other factions!).

The Relthozans... also known as the Bugs! 

More after the jump! 

Games Played

It has been a looong while since I did anything post worthy about the games I have been playing.

Still keeping track of them, just not got round to posting much up on the blog.

Something I think I should rectify! 

More after the jump

Planetfall Buildings

In all of the Helixes you can buy from Spartan Games, you will receive a piece of terrain.

This is a nice touch as it means while you build up your army you will also be building up your terrain to play the game. 

Planetfall Warlog - Real Stats.

The data for the year to date from people that have posted their games on the Spartan Games website. 

Gives a bit of an insight as to how the War is going in the Stormzone, and how the games in the individual brackets are playing out. 

vs Zombies!!! (Battle Report)

Many many months after getting all the models and rules through my Brother and I sat down to finally play a game of Deadzone solo play.

Sounds wierd right? Solo play but we had two of us... well let me explain...

Deadzone - Zombies!!!

Here a a couple of quick snaps of the Zombie horde that shambled its way over to my brothers painting table.

Can't wait to get full pictures of them painted and shambling for you all (they look awesome in person at the moment! 

Dindrenzi Colour Scheme - any thoughts?

Just a quick picture today, managed to snap this on my way out the door, looking for any comments or thoughts on the colour scheme. 

Might actually need to get a better picture of this in daylight! 

Aquan Heavy Helix - Painted

Basing the models is generally the problem and delay in me getting pictures up.

However I went on a recent basing spree that means I probably have a couple of weeks worth of painted models ready to post! 

This time its about the Aquan Heavy Helix, more piccys and info, after the jump! 

Terqaui Recon Helix Tactics & Comments

Following on from my completion of this Helix, I figured it was time to get some thoughts about their use out there. 

One of my first purchases after the intro box, and something I have never regretted buying or taking to the table top! 

More after the jump.

Terquai Recon Helix Painted (Picture Heavy)

So, I finally got my Terquai Recon Helix painted & based.

For all the pictures they are after the jump.

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