Games Played

It has been a looong while since I did anything post worthy about the games I have been playing.

Still keeping track of them, just not got round to posting much up on the blog.

Something I think I should rectify! 

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So a quick update on the last 10-12 months worth of gaming from me... quite happy actually given that there has been a child arrive in the family in the middle of it all! 

Planetfall - 25 games played, with 13 wins and 12 losses I am pretty happy with that. It still comes out at over 2 games a month and although I would love to push it higher, its a case of building up the player base.

Something that I believe (quite firmly) will happen better once all the options are out for the main six races. 

A fair number of those games have been against Derek (the games designer) so I sort of expect those to be tough games, and I am getting ever closer to being able to draw with him.

Deadzone - 1 game played
I expect this to go up as I get more time to focus on different games, but recently picking up and playing Deadzone has reminded me how much I enjoy the game, and the Solo Zombie mode was quite cool (although I played with my brother for speed of rules) and is likely to be a mini campaign we both play through to see how it progresses.

I actually intend to get more of the Asterians paint now that I have before so fingers crossed you all get to see the friuts of my labour soon.

Warmachines - 1 game played.
I recently broke my Convergence out of their carry case and managed a victory at 15 points, again a bi monthly event should allow me to get a few more games of these guys going, its a fun game, and if you havent tried it I would highly recommend it.

Star Wars Armada - 5 games played
This one I thought was going to blow me away, that hasnt happened which is unfortunate as I really do quite like the idea of it, might be something to consder when more models are released, but with all the other games I want to play at the moment I probably wont go back to it. 

For the Future...

Well I am painting up my Dystopian Wars force and they are coming along nicely, really need to get a list written for them, and some pictures up to show them off... but there is no rush for that. 

Ralgard - with the Uncharted seas games rumoured to get a touch up in the next year I hope to have fleet i can use it in it painted and ready to rock, some serious work is needed through to make sure these guys make muster.

Firestorm Armada - Directorate, they are actually pretty much painted, although a few evolutions in how I paint models might force a rethink on them, but with two starter forces & a battlecruiser squadron I actually have a fair old force... again a list will probably help me get back into them.