Planetfall Buildings

In all of the Helixes you can buy from Spartan Games, you will receive a piece of terrain.

This is a nice touch as it means while you build up your army you will also be building up your terrain to play the game. 

So when you get a Spartan games building you get the card, and plastic frame of the building. Below you can see some of the frames assembled and ready for the card to slot into them.

For my first 10 games or so I played with the buildings just slotted together, no glue or paint and they worked pretty well, so it is truly a minimal fuss to get the up and running. 

However with a little more time on my hands now I decided to spray the buildings, Desert Yellow, to allow me to finish them off with some Camo design. 

Then to improve the stability of the model I used PVA glue to glue the frame & card together. You dont need to do this as the card is double sided to give you two options for each building, but this way at least I know I am unlikely to wreck them when chucking them into my hobby bag. 

The next step is to edge all of the cardboard pieces. You can see that there will be a white edge where you have pushed the cardboard out, so I simply used a Black felt tip pen to go round all of the edges and turn them black. 

The final step is the addition of that Camo I mentioned earliy to tone down the Sand colour of the fram.