Aquan Heavy Helix - Painted

Basing the models is generally the problem and delay in me getting pictures up.

However I went on a recent basing spree that means I probably have a couple of weeks worth of painted models ready to post! 

This time its about the Aquan Heavy Helix, more piccys and info, after the jump! 

So first up we have the Locatu Tank Destroyers, these guys have an awesome range, hit & run and the ability to have a SirSir attached to them.

Very good at taking long range pot shots and with Pinpoint (2) the ability to take that second level of damage is pretty useful as well! 

The Votari crystals, these ones came as hard resin and needed painting up from Scratch, pretty happy with the final result, so much so that I would rather paint them than get the clear coloured resin, although when I get round to posting my Core Helix you can see what I did with the four I got in that set. 

The Haumea, one of the best AA tanks in the game, pretty weak, like all Aquan tanks, but with an awesome range and firepower it can put some serious hurt on your opponents.

It comes with a built in Nexus Designator, meaning it can move and still get its placed shots, or it can help zero in some sky drop markers if nothing is in range of it. 

The SirSir, I quite like this attachment, it has a decent amount of CQB which can boost the unit by no small margin, and is available to protect either the Hauema or the Locatu by taking the first point or two of damage, allowing you to continue firing to full effect. 

With the addition of Target lock (although 4 successes on 4 dice isn't a guarantee but does make them useful when there is nothing left to Sky Drop) they certainly have more uses, but all in all I very much like my SirSir's and normally will have one attached to the Tank Destroyers. 

The Unit itself rocks in at around £30 to buy from Spartan, and can cost from as little as 280 points, all the way upto 730 points when you take it all, it certainly provides some competition as a second one of these works very nicely for a cheap cost, but does lock you out of the Firepower leviathan, so its definately a decisions time.