Guild ball Engineers.. WIP

Guildball, I heard about the Kickstarter and didnt get involved... afterall it was just another Dreadball / Blood bowl type game, and I already play those.

Well somehow without playing an actual game of Guildball I managed to still pick up a full team of Engineers (shown below) and most of a team of butchers (for a later post).

For now some work in progress shots of the models, and later this week hopefully some fully painted ones!

The pictures are all after the jump! 

So for starters a guildball team consists of six players, at least for season 1 it did, I believe that expanded in Season 2 with more models!

Above you can see the full team with a lovely brown undercoat (seems to be the go to colour for base coats in a steampunk world!)

In the shot above you can see (left to right, top row then second).... Rachet, Salvo, Colossus, Mainspring & Velocity

And in this one Ballista, the team captain (far right).

Pretty sure I will be able to get these guys to a nice table top standard, which might pass muster at distance, as there is a lot of detail on these guys.

Lovely models, just a small pain to glue, and plenty of modelling putty was used to help me out.


ahmadan said…
I'd love to hear you feedback on this one, I've been eyeing it as well... (same guild and all...)

A nice start!
Kraggi said…
Thanks, watch out for Wednesday's post a quick review of the game and Friday should have this teams painted models :-)

As a sneak peak it's very very good !