vs Zombies!!! (Battle Report)

Many many months after getting all the models and rules through my Brother and I sat down to finally play a game of Deadzone solo play.

Sounds wierd right? Solo play but we had two of us... well let me explain...

So with the Contagion expansion you got rules for the AI deck, that allows you to play against another faction.

You also got rules for the mindless zombies, and a mini campaign to see how your Strike Force can cope with being cut off behind enemy lines, with the Horde closing in.

Because we hadnt played the rules for a while we had two of us, one to control their Strike team, the other to control the Zombies and do their dice rolling.

The first scenario we both played, Dragkon with his Enforcers, myself with my Asterians (their first outing).

Winning the scenario was simple, get one of your men off the table top by one of the board edges.

The challenge, the Zombies react to everything that you do, every action either makes them move towards you, or adds to a dice roll they get at the end of each Turn (Each game round is made up of several Turns, and you keep having turns until all your models have been activated, then the Round ends).

The table, the escape route is the right hand side of the board as you look at it in the picture.

There are also Zombie spawn points that represent additional Zombies being drawn to the battlefield due to the noise of the Strike Team trying to escape.

Game 1 - Enforcers.

The Enforcers started with the following models in their Strike Team:

Enforcer Sniper
Enforcer Brawler
Enforcer Sergeant
Enforcer Pathfinder

In this scenario you setup surrounded by Zombies and cannot move out of the area until you have reached the end of Round 1, and killed one zombie.

On the plus side for the Enforcers his command Rating was 2-2, allowing him to activate all four of his models in one turn, and therefore ending the round quickly.

His opening gambit was to kill a zombie in the open with his Sniper enforcer, the shot, drew the attention of other zombies, and when the rest of his Strike team began to move for the exit (we misread the rules in this game and assumed either reaching the end of round 2 or killing a zombie allowed you out of the box!)

Their movement triggered zombies to advance on, and swarm the Sniper, two of them dragging him down.

The Brawler & Sergeant both managed to kill a zombie each on their way off the board, however the pathfinder got swarmed by a load of zombies dragging her down.

Game 2 - Asterians

Black Talon
Asterian w/ Charge Gauntlets
Asterian w/ Noh Rifle x 2

I think my initial setup let me down here, with two guys in two squares it made my combat a lot better (the mutual support granting +1 D8), but did mean I had to perform break off actions to try and escape. 

The Asterians are getting mobbed at this point in time, with only two of them left alive! 

The Black Talon made a break for it off the board edge, as you can see the Zombies were closing in fast! 

Overall I think the zombie mode solo play is good fun and provides some interesting challenges, given that you are playing by yourself, you tend not to be tempted to try and cheat it by gaming the system (in theory you could setup one guy to kill the one zombie you need, and then pass on your activations to run off the board in the following turn... sounds / feels gamey to me, but might actually be exactly what it should be as maybe one guy will just yell for the others to run.

Overall, looking forward to trying the solo zombie campaign out and trying to see how it plays out -- might be interesting to build a full Strike team, play through the Zombie campaign and then start a proper Deadzone campaign with whats left.... hmmmm ideas...

 The ZOMBIES are coming!!!!!