Terqaui Recon Helix Tactics & Comments

Following on from my completion of this Helix, I figured it was time to get some thoughts about their use out there. 

One of my first purchases after the intro box, and something I have never regretted buying or taking to the table top! 

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Iophon Heavy Gunship

The Iophons main purpose in life is to zero in the drop markers to allow the Portals to land where you want.

It has a decent move and with the Nexus Designator it is able to do just that, I wouldnt expect it to get more than one Zero'd in unless your dice are really hot.

It also has the ground attack rule, allowing it to go flat out and still shoot at something on 5's, this should be used wisely as you can quickly find yourself strating into enemy CQB range where you lose a lot of your bonuses.

In a turn where you do not use your main ordnance (i.e so dont shoot, but you can designate with your Nexus) you will gain the Cloaked MAR, preventing your enemy from getting Explosive sixes, the later in a turn you can leave this to activate the longer it has the rule, but then again the later you leave it to activate the easier it is for your opponent to kill it. 

I tend to find that the Iophon is my first activation in Turn 1, followed by my last in Turn 2 (if its alive). The main aim is to zero in one of the Sky Drop markers, if its alive till turn 2, then it will try and do the same with the second. 

By activating this Helix first i wont be able to bring my Nabis in early, but by using them later in turn 2, it means I my opponent will have less to deal with them (in theory), which should allow me two chain activations into turn 3, getting the most out of the drones.

Temporal Portal

The Temporal portal, while the model itself does do much what it enables your models to do is outstanding.

As long as the Nabis Drones can get in base to base they can move from one portal to another, and while at the moment we only have 2 of these portals (4 if you double up the Helix) their movement is outstanding.

Add in that the Nabis Drones are some of the most durable infantry in the game (especially when in range of a drone controller (which the portal just happens to be) and you can begin to understand the tactical flexibility of this unit. 

Realistically you dont want your portals to come in and get wiped out, as you would lose the ability to deploy the Drones at all, but equally you can easily get one turn with the Aquans where you have more activations than your opponent and that means you can bring these guys in unopposed, allowing you to disembark and assault the model / building of your choice.

Perhaps the most important bit of the Temporal portal is that the Nabis drones gain benefits from being in range of the Drone Nexus built into it, this means they are still a target the enemy should kill (given that it loses them 1 CQB dice per base if its gone), but they are remarkably hard to shift for something that costs only 55 points. 

Nabis Heavy Infantry Cadre

Pretty much the Aquan heavy infantry, with a decent Damage Rating and a stella CQB for their Alpha strike these guys can throw out a 20 AD CQB attack, with a decent threat range of 10" from the Portal.

Add in that you can take a building off the enemy with a Storming action these guys really shine.

Although only Hard Target (-1) and thus easier to kill they do each come with a shield, and will absorb a chunk of firepower before going down.

Seriously debating getting a second helix of these guys, and probably means that when Spartan get round to offering a core Helix for the Terquai I will be jumping at them!

Final Thoughts
So all in all one of the best Helixes out there at a small investment of £20, and bringing over 800 points to the table they offer some serious flexibility for Aquan players specifically but for all Kurak players in general.

Terrans for example will not struggle to get to enemy primaries if they bring these babies to the table, despite the impact to the Helix structure! 

How have you found them in games you have used them in?


knightperson said…
I have a helix of these guys also, from the launch deal. I like them a lot, and the Iophon is a good ship, even when I completely forget it can get the Cloaked MAR!
Kraggi said…
They are very fun, and add a whole new dimension to the Aquan Play style.

Cloaked on the Iophon feels a little wasted, although I believe it can still designate but not much else to get the rule.

However I think on the rest of the faction when they come out it will work quite nicely!