Terquai Recon Helix Painted (Picture Heavy)

So, I finally got my Terquai Recon Helix painted & based.

For all the pictures they are after the jump.

So the main downside is that during a recent game I lost one of the visors for a Nabis drone, as you can see by the glaringly white bit standing out on the model. 

Now I plan on repainting the white bit green, so it at least doesnt look that bad, but I think the next option is going to be some green stuff to try and make a dome so he doesnt look too different to his friends. 

You get all of this for a pretty decent price from Spartan, as it comes in at only £20, and rocks upto 825 points.

You can trim that and take only one portal and one Nabis drone unit so its a little cheaper at 520 points, but by doubling up you can really threaten your opponents objectives, or vulnerable units in CQB.

Above, the Nabis drones ready for way. 

Above the Iophon

The Temporal portal.

These guys pack a decent punch in CQB, with 4 dice each the unit is throwing out a 20 dice attack, which with some careful planning they cannot stop, so you should get to pick the target you want to take on.