Planetfall - Directorate thoughts

With the Recon Helix and the additional infantry models out for all the factions, I thought it would be worth having a look at how these purchases can easily affect how you might decide to build your forces.

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A lot of the advice I have been given is around splitting my army out into two detachments, thus allowing me to take two smaller helix's. This means that I will be able to get out of one Helix's activation faster, rather than being stuck in my current Core Helix which requires 11 activation to exit.

The easy way to do this (assuming I want to keep the same models) is to look at simply creating a Core helix, one for each detachment using the out of the box options.

This will provide me with all the same options as I have at the moment, but will additionally allow me to have those shorter activations lockouts.

However with the new contents coming for the Infantry Upgrade kits, and the Recon Helix I think there are some other interesting options that come around, especially in a dual detachment game.

Starting with the Infantry Upgrade contents, lets have a look at how this might work.

The contents of this box are:
Officers x 3
Sweepers x 9
Gun Teams x 3

This gives you the options to fully upgrade any three infantry unit of your choosing, and given the Directorate Patriot unit caps out at 5 stands of models, and there are 7 upgrades you do get a bit of choice.

The next point to consider is that Spartan are providing us all with enough basic infantry to fufill our Helix requirements, which means we are going to have a chunk of Spare models even upgrading all the models possible.

This lead me to some simple and quick ideas.

In my current force I have two units of 5 Patriots, and one Grand Company of 8.

If I were to fully upgrade the Grand Company, with Three Sweepers, Three Gun Teams & an Officer I will have 7 Spare stands, in addition to the 2 spare you get from the Core Helix.

If I then proceed to upgrade the two units of 5 Patriots to include 3 x Sweeper Teams & 1 Officer, I will gain another 8 bases worth Infantry.

This will leave me with 17 bases that dont have a purpose.

It does however mean that if i were to open a second detachment I could easily field two Patriot units 5 strong, each with three Gun Teams. With Objective holding being king in Planetfall this really increases my scoring choices.

Onto the Recon unit.

We dont know much at the moment about their light tanks, or heavy infantry, or even what the minimum components will be to field a recon unit, however given that I will get one anyway, the two Intruders can then be used in my two detachment force to thicken up my Anti - Air fire, and provide some movement to the new units I have managed to create.