Relthoza Core Helix - Unboxing (Picture Heavy)

So another of my recent purchases, mainly to allow an allied battlegroup (or for me to just buy cool models for other factions!).

The Relthozans... also known as the Bugs! 

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The Core helix is a packed box, lots and lots of models in there.

The contents of the box out of the container, another L-Shaped building for me.

The Jabri Infantry... 16 bases of them in total which is a massive number of them, two units of 8. This is truly the swarm force of the game at the moment. 

After lots of pictures of the swarm, below you can see some snaps of the Spires, basically their drop pods, each of these Spires can hold 8 bases of infantry. 

If you look closely you can see the detail of the Jabri that are actually climbing all over the Spire itself... absolutely love these models. 

The Spires also stack quite nicely without requiring gluing, and given that each spire has three levels of damage you can remove a stack each time it gets hit! Very nice. 

The Visith Heavy Walker in all its pieces. 

The Namisc Light Walkers, six of them works quite well I think, given a decent punch and more things for people to kill to stop you getting an objective, or contesting one of theirs. 

The Salamas (the main bodies on the right), and the Varic specialist walker.

So many legs...

The Three sky drop markers that come with the set, plus the guns for the heavy & medium tanks.

The whole box contents assembled and ready for Spraying. 

As you can see below I used some blobs of Greenstuff to help the legs stay in place, by the time the models are painted and based I am sure that you will barely notice they are there.