Guildball Engineers - Painted! (Picture heavy)

So the engineers I shared earlier this week are now painted and based, something of a record for me in recent years, which is also a testament to how much I enjoyed my demo game with local Pundit Greg. 

While they didnt end up with the (somewhat drab in my view) aprons shown above, I am pretty happy with the overall result.

Lots of pictures, after the jump! 

A slightly further out shot than I expected, but here is the whole team (and their ball), starting with MainSpring, Rachet, Salvo, Colossus, Ballista & Velocity.

Here we have Velocity, one of my favourite models in this range, and quite the useful player on the pitch!

Now for Ballista, his crossbow (especially in smaller games) is kinda awesome allowing you to get early knock down results and put the enemy on the back foot forcing them to spend precious momentum points or give up their movement!

Colossus, the half man, half machine, very easy to hit in the game rules, but can soak up the damage, also as the Sex of the model matters in this game its worth noting that he is neither male nor female. I guess that might be because there is nothing below the waist for him (ouch!)

Salvo, scorer of all two of the goals I scored in my two intro games, his hand crossbows come in quite useful, again adding to this factions ranged impact on the table top. 

Rachet, I havent had the chance to use yet, but given that he looks to be carrying grenades... I can be sure he will give me further ranged options. 

Mainspring, the team mascot, and (as far as I am aware) only usable in 6 v 6 games, so I havent gotten him on the pitch yet. 

And of course the ball, blue leather the same as the teams aprons means you dont lose sight of it in anything other than a flood... at which point my half mechanical team is in for a bad day anyway! 

A few more snaps of the team fully assembled... now to find some games!!!!