Deadzone - Forgefather Starter Set (WIP)

Last November I received my final shipment for Deadzone, in addition to the Asterians, I got a Forgefather starter set.

After a few months of them sitting in their packaging I managed to get round to opening them, and that in turn led me to find out that I hadn't received the forge guard I was expecting.

A quick email to mantic and a small delay, the models arrived on my door step.

Skip forward another 6 months and I have finally got them assembled, so without further ado, some pictures of the models you get in the starter set.

Given that I got this from Kickstarter it looks like I managed to snag some additional Brokkr, given that the current starter set tells me I would normally get only 5, and somehow I have 9?!

Here we have the Huscarl in Forge Guard Armour

The Brokkr & Inferno Drill