Slightly different terrain...

With so many games of planetfall I decided it was time to look at expanding my Terrain collection.

Given that Objectives can be placed in the open (meaning only Vehicles can score them), or in buildings / emplacements, meaning both Vehicles & Infantry can.

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I decided it was time to get some more objectives built.

Here are few snaps of my work in progress, feedback and comments welcome! 

As you can see from the picture above this is pretty much a Warhammer 40k blast marker, with one of the Spartan Games objectives in the centre. 

The yellow bits are the remenants of a sprue from one of the Spartan buildings. 

I think that once I get some paint and a bit of basing on it, this should work well as an objective which is occupiable by infantry without being a full blown building. 

Here are some of my modifications to Spartans buildings, this was initially just an L-Shape, but when I got a broken sprue (and they sent a replacement) I was able to combine the two to create a larger building. 

I went round the edges of the card board with a felt tip pen - not as neat as I might like, but I still need to put some colours onto the yellow frame to bring it upto a camo scheme. 

Another variation on the same theme, not sure I got the roof as good as I could have liked, but overall it works quite well I think.

And finally these three used to be individual sections so I connected them together, need to do some work with the others I have to ensure I can double height my buildings but all in all pretty happy with it.