Bolt Action - Semi Live Posting!

So around about now, I should be getting my first demo game of Bolt Action against one of the younger players at our club.

I seem to remember him telling me it would be a 500 / 750 point game, although i have no idea what forces I am going to be using.

I tried watching the Beasts of War intro game, but didnt get much past the first unit activation.

I have been avoiding Bolt Action for a while with a worry that I wont be able to paint the models well enough to do justice to them, and additionally it would be my first Historical wargame, vs Fantasy or Sci-fi.

Its a lot easier to pick a Sci-fi or Fantasy game, choose your own paint scheme and just go, where as with Bolt Action it just feels different... I guess partly because it isnt based in fantasy, this really happened... and despite the simplicity (or so I am told) of good paint jobs in Bolt Action I still have my reservations. 

We will see how I feel after the game tonight, I certainly get the impression it will be cinematic!

Update 1
The battlefield

Update 2 
The forces

My opponents