So What If .... Part 2

Hey hey! Guess who?

That's right Dragkon

So continuing on from last post my new Space Marines  force just a couple of addition images to wrap them up for the time being.


So a quick post, I just wanted to share with you all one of my favorite paint jobs, not specifically for the close up looks of the painting, but more for the overall effect of the model.

So the What If?

Yo Drags here

So I have done a wee crazy thing started another Space Marine army (yea....), how many can I have?

Stronghold, Dataslates & Escalation, a TO's musings

So Stronghold Assault & Escalation have been out for a while now, and while my local club is not running another 40k tournament for a few months, I like to get a headstart on any amendments to the tournament pack that I can. 

Angron Showcase

Hi there Dragkon here.

A while ago I was given Angron by Krag to paint up. So here is the finished product

Warhammer 40k - Team Event

So last on the 4th January I was playing in a team event, four teams of five.

After the jump is a bit more information, on my list, and how each round went.

Preferred Enemy Army List

Well the second tournament of the year is rapidly approaching.... tomorrow! 

7 games over two days at 1650 points, I look forward to the experience! 

My army list after the jump.

I will also be posting Battle reports after each game, so keep an eye out on the blog tomorrow for the first four round!

With the new year, and a rather weird Necron & Grey Knight list out of the blocks at the beginning of the year.

Time to get back to basics, so for this tournament. Grey Knights, pure and simple. 

Only one model in the army that is not an actual Grey Knight. 

So the list itself.

Warlord - Grandmaster - Psycannon
Inquisitor - Ordo Malleus - Terminator Armour - Psycannon

Grey Knight Strike Marines x 10, Psycannon x 2
Grey Knight Terminators x 5, Psycannon

Nemesis Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator
Nemesis Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Grey Knight Interceptors x 10, Psybolt Ammo, Incinerator x 2

Aegis Defence Line, Icarus Quad Gun

Total models: 29
Total Kill Points: 7
Total Scoring: 3-5

So this list doesn't have the greatest range of weapons, sitting at a measly 24", the Personal Teleporters will help with that, throwing 2 Dreadknights & 10 Interceptors into your Deployment zone in turn 1 if I choose. 

As with all my armies, it really benefits from first turn to get into your army and cause you problems, unless facing a combat orientated army. In which case I am happy with first or second. Going second may mean I get plenty of turn 1 charges. 

Unfortunately the tournament is aiming to use the Main rulebook rules, so no Stronghold Assault yet, if there had been then I would have been running Vengeance batteries with Quad Lascannons for my AA.

Normally I ignore fliers to the best of my ability, so this time I decided to try it out with a Quad Gun to see if this helps or hinders me. 

Overall pretty happy with it at 1650, an unusual points total for me, so I look forward to getting some games under my belt and seeing how it progress. 

Deadzone Terrain

Yo Dragkon here.

So the main thing that got me wanting to fund the kickstarter for Deadzone was partly the terrain. I saw and thought it was awesome, could get used for a lot of stuff and different game systems. So the other pledge I did (yea there was two my bro's one that I put half to and mine.) terrain one got the 4 battle zones and couple of other bits as well. The battle zones were 2 core world, 1 landing pad and 1 fortified.

Deadzone: The Mistake I made

As a blogger I hold myself accountable for all the posts I put up onto my Blog, at least the ones I wrote! 

When I find mistakes I don't take the post down, I edit it. 

In my edits I will update the post, normally in a different colour, and leave the original post present with a Strike through in it. 

I made a mistake recently. 

A Huge one! 

What was that mistake? Well find out after the jump.

Grey Knight Grandmaster - Complete

So approaching the end of the month and I figured it was time to get something posted to show I do actually paint, and its not just Dragkon that posts painted models (although a lot of them do come from him).

Dead Zone The Plague Part Two

Hey Dragkon back again for second instalment of The Plague.

Just the Images of the normal guys (Stage 3) just so the whole faction is shown.

Dead Zone The Plague

Hey Hey, Dragkon here.

So following on from the last post here are the Plague. Nasty wee guys that tear you to part in combat. I present the stage 2 and 3 Plague.

Dead Zone Pictures

Hey there, Dragkon here.

So.... It has been a while since my last post but I have been busy with painting more and more stuff. So here we go.

What points do you play?

This has been bouncing around the cavern that is called my head for a while now. 

What is your preferred / most common points total for a game? 

More questions, after the jump...

Grey Knight & Necrons 1750 Points - Not what you Expect

So my latest list was for a team based event. 

It performed well, even though it is a bit of an Oddball mix for me with Grey Knights & Necrons. 

More after the jump....

2014's Resolutions

Later than I normally do, I figured it was time to look at how badly I did with my Wargaming Resolutions and set myself some targets for 2014.

2013 in Review

Time for the annual review of my games played and %'s for last year.

You can find 2012's review here.

Building Work in Progress

So as with I hope many of you Santa was nice to me this Christmas.

::Updated So the Images Actually work now::

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