Warhammer 40k - Team Event

So last on the 4th January I was playing in a team event, four teams of five.

After the jump is a bit more information, on my list, and how each round went.

I have to say if you have never tried a team event before then it is well worth trying one out.

One player in each team is nominated as the Captain.

The two Captains roll off, and winner gets to choose whether they will nominate or respond first.

Nominating, means they pick one of their players to play the first game, then the opposite Captain, picks one of their players to play them.

Then the rolls are reversed, and it goes on like this until all the players have a game.

Army lists are submitted before the event, and reviewed so you know what each person has, to help you and your Captain decide the best match ups.

My List

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, Terminator Armour, Psycannon
Grey Knight Terminators x 5, Psycannon
Grey Knight Terminators x 5, Psycannon
Dreadknight, Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight, Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Necron Allies
Destroyer Lord, Mindshackle Scarabs, Sempiternal Weave
Necrons Warriors x 10, Night Scythe
Immortals x 9, Tesla Carbine
Scarabs x 7
Annhilation Barge

Game 1
Fin - Draw
Tim - Win
Chris - Win
Sean - Win
Me - Draw

My first match saw me playing Eldar, and you guessed it Wave Serpent & Fire Prism spam. 

This was a tough game for me, going second meant I lost a Dreadknight in turn 1, his army kept at distance from me making it difficult to do any damage in the opening exchanges. 

The Second Dreadknight died in his turn 3, after a successful charge into a Wave Serpent. The Night Scythe, Warriors & Destroyer lord managed to take out two Fire Prisms in turn 2 as well. Followed by a Second Wave Serpent by the Dlord, and another by Scarabs in turn 3. 

At this point I had his troops out of his Tanks (to add much needed firepower to my advancing forces) and penned in. 

The final turn saw a late Objective grab from his Jetbikes, but with both of my Terminator units untouched and sitting on Objectives along with my Immortals the game ended up a Draw, with Honours even. 

A result I was very happy with given the losses and issues in turn 1, admittedly I feel that had my opponent been a bit more aggressive and Objective focussed he would have won the day, however in the final turn had I focussed my fire on the remaining squads he had a low strength I would have won outright, instead I spread my firepower to force lots of Tesla Arcs and morale checks. A tactic that could have paid off, but would have been woefully unfair on my opponent. 

Game 2
Tim - Win
Chris - Win
Sean - Win
Me - Win
Fin - Draw

My second game I was paired off against an Ork & Necron force. One that the opposing team was very happy with and my team were willing to accept might not go my way. 

I went second again, which in this case played into my hands. My opponent went flat out with his TwoTrukks & Battle Wagon, while the Wraiths & DLord he had came at me as fast as they could.

His shooting from his Ork Bikes & Loota's didnt do anything to my Dreadknights and I stood unscathed for my turn 1. 

At this point he was as close as he could be to me after 1 turn, so I move all my forces in. One Dreadknight moving towards his Warboss & Bikes, the other towards his Battle Wagon. The Scarabs, Warriors & Terminators all got in position to take out his Trukks. 

My shooting & combat phases took out two Trukks, Battle Wagon, a full unit of Ork Boyz and his Warboss & Bikes.

At that point the game was well beyond him, with so little of his force left. The one move he could go for was against my Dreadknight with his DLord, where I challenge and rolled a treble 1 on the Mindshackle result. Due to my Dreadknights positioning he couldn't get his one remaining Whip Coil in base to base with me so the Destroyer Lord died before he got the chance to fight back. 

It took me the following 4 turns of combat to remove the remaining Wraiths but my Dreadknight survived long enough to do it. His army crumbled due to the firepower I had at short range against him, and I ended up tabling him in turn 5, with total losses of 3 Warriors and 2 Immortals. 

Game 3
Fin - Win
Chris - Win
Sean - Win
Tim - Loss
Me - Loss

My final game was against a Tau list that didnt have too much in the way of AP2. However as this game proved, dice not liking you does not help.

In the opening turn (I went second again), I took 12 Armour saves on my Dreadknight and lost him, another 5 Armour saves on Terminators resulted in 4 dead terminators, and the opening turn crippled my army. 

I fought on till the end of the game and recorded a 4-16 loss, which given how little I had left (DLord, 1 wound) I was very happy with. 

I made a couple of mistakes in the later turns that cost me one or two Victory points, but the opening turn resulted in too many losses for me to be able to carry out my earlier plan.

My adaptation wasnt good enough, but overall we still won the round, and therefore the entire tournament. 

Overall Result

The final results were in and our team managed a sold victory. Helped massively by our 89-11 win in round 2. Although we still had to win the third round to ensure victory. 

I think team events completed change how you play your own games. 

For me once I have drawn or lost a game at a tournament I tend to play more how I think the army would, which does mean throwing men to their deaths to try and turn it around, because that is enjoyable for me. 

Not so when others are dependant on the Victory points I could get. 

The event was also for Charity and between 20 of us we raised £300 for the nominated charity.