Dead Zone The Plague

Hey Hey, Dragkon here.

So following on from the last post here are the Plague. Nasty wee guys that tear you to part in combat. I present the stage 2 and 3 Plague.

So with these guys I thought i go for a Bone and flesh colour not the purple/ pink that they get in book. Krag did suggest I get the flash stand out more but I feel having them look like this brings across a feeling that don't know where the bone ends making slightly more intimidating in my view.

The Plague Stage 2

The Plague Stage 2

The Plague Stage 3


Tristan M said…
I get what you're saying about wanting it hard to tell where the chitin/bone starts/stops - but they do look a bit single tone.

You could try doing an extra wash of a different colour on their skin. To make sure the effect is minimal, I would mix water in with the wash to thin it even further. My suggestion would be a very thin coat of thinned green wash. Maybe just try it on a piece of sprue or something first.
Dragkon said…
hi Tristan

sounds like a good idea will give it a shot as I still got one left just need to get round to painting it up haha. Just started on the Rebs but will go back.
Tristan M said…
definitely try it on a piece of sprue or model you don't care about first!

I was gonna start on these guys, but since my plan is to use stains/washes for everything - and I have a huge batch of plague stuff I think I might give a couple odd marauders a try first!
Dragkon said…
haha where is the fun in that :) . I have a stage 2 I haven't painted yet so will give it a shot on that and see how it works. How much plague did you get?
Tristan M said…
I picked plague as my extra faction and got the plague booster bundle. I think to keep it easy, for the booster bundle they threw in an extra "plague 1" bag - it has the stage 2's and the hellhounds, but also meant I got an extra stage 1 (for a total of 3)

So I have something like
3x stage 1
9x stage 2
6x hellhound
12x stage 3
2x plague teraton
2x plague swarm
2x mortar w stage 3 crew