Grey Knight & Necrons 1750 Points - Not what you Expect

So my latest list was for a team based event. 

It performed well, even though it is a bit of an Oddball mix for me with Grey Knights & Necrons. 

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The list itself.

Grey Knights Primary

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, Terminator Armour, Psycannon. Servo Skull x 3, Warlord
Grey Knight Terminators x 5, Psycannon, Daemonhammer, Nemesis Force Sword, Nemesis Force Halberd x 3
Grey Knight Terminators x 5, Psycannon, Daemonhammer, Nemesis Force Sword, Nemesis Force Halberd x 3
Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator
Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator

Necron Allies

Destroyer Lord, Mindshackle Scarabs, Sempiternal Weave
Necrons Warriors x 10, Night Scythe
Immortals x 9, Tesla Carbine
Scarabs x 7

Annhilation Barge

The Workings:
So how does it work? 

Well as with many of my lists, the Grey Knights are there for some Objective taking, along with a bit of intimidation for people advancing on me.

The Dreadknights are either there to counter assault scary fast armies like Mech Orks, or to get into the opponents face early to keep them penned in. Sometimes it even works! 

The Necron Allies, give me some decent options for Troop deployments in the Necron Warriors, the Destroyer Lord may be attached to these guys in the Night Scythe & reserve, it really depends on if I am playing an opponent who will come to me, or who will stay away from me. 

The D-Lord is there again to cause people to have to make choices when shooting at me, him being reserved doesn't always help with this, but given that when he arrives I can drop him so he gets a next turn charge it helps massively. . 

The Night Scythe allows the deployment / redeloyment of the Warriors, Immortals & Destroyer Lord pretty effectively, however the Additional S7 helps against light tanks, infantry & other flyers.

The Scarabs are an annoyance for enemy armour, I feel I have a decent way of dealing with tanks, and because the Scarabs are not quite as in your face  due to Dreadknights they tend to survive one round of shooting, and given that they are normally good for a turn 2 charge thats all I need.

The Annihilation Barge is just a very useful unit, able to ignore small arms fire while AV13, it means either it survives while they shoot at my Dreadknights, or it dies while my Dreadknights survive a little better. 

The Immortals bring me upto 4 scoring units, I like the Tesla Carbines, but will look into getting some Gauss Blaster Immortals at some point, as they will prove more versatile at 18" ranges and less. 

The Army definitely wants to go first against shooting armies, and is happy with second if you are going to run at me. 

One means you have one less turn of shooting to pressure my units, the other means I can get those turn 1 charges in.