2013 in Review

Time for the annual review of my games played and %'s for last year.

You can find 2012's review here.

2013 saw me play a total of 55 games of 40k.

I managed 35 wins, fell to 17 losses and drew 3 times. My overall Win Ratio was 64%, a slight drop (2%) from the previous year.

Individually my armies didn’t get an even split of games:

Played: 27, Won: 20, Loss: 5, Draw: 2, Win Ratio 74.07%

Grey Knights
Played: 19, Won: 12, Loss: 4, Draw: 1, Win Ratio 63.10%

Imperial Guard (now sold)
Played: 6, Won: 2, Loss: 4, Win Ratio: 33.33%

Chaos Daemons (process of being sold)
Played: 5, Won 2, Loss: 3

(I know the total does not add upto 55, that’s because any dual games for Grey Knights & Necrons are counted in both totals).

The Necrons  & Grey Knights are the two armies that I the most games with so it makes sense they are also the ones I have the best understanding of, and therefore play at my best with.

I also managed to bring my total games in 6th Edition upto 105, meaning my 40k Rulebook value is now sitting at 50p, add in the digital version I have just purchased and I am now sitting at 73p a game, still not bad value for money.

Another interesting Stat I manage to pull is from my games both with and without Allies.

So in 6th Edition, when using only a Primary detachment, no Allied Detachment my stats are as follows:

Played: 89, Won: 67, Loss: 19, Draw: 2, Win Ratio: 75%

With Allies looks like

Played: 16, Won: 8, Loss: 7, Draw: 1, Win Ratio: 50%

So I am more likely to win my games when using a Primary detachment only army… something I hadn’t considered!

Overall I think that 2013 has the following rating!