Deadzone Terrain

Yo Dragkon here.

So the main thing that got me wanting to fund the kickstarter for Deadzone was partly the terrain. I saw and thought it was awesome, could get used for a lot of stuff and different game systems. So the other pledge I did (yea there was two my bro's one that I put half to and mine.) terrain one got the 4 battle zones and couple of other bits as well. The battle zones were 2 core world, 1 landing pad and 1 fortified.

So this what you can build from just the stuff you get from the starter box and one additional battle zone its a fair amount of stuff you can do with and fills the battle matt really giving you avenues of death and places to hide as well.

These next pictures are with everything and yea I think that a lot of terrain on a 4x2 area but its really cool. with all this it can fill 3 2x2 mats with enough buildings and leave some spare. wouldn't mind getting to the point that we do have games on this scale I think it would be Awesome!


Tristan M said…
Looking good brother - I am regretting not getting more terrain, but I have so much necromunda and hexagon/platformer stuff still to build I needed to resist.

There is tons of great tutorials about getting it painted online already, I have a post up about it - check it out.
Dragkon said…
cheers mate. I have some of the building fully done now, I think there are still a couple from the 2 battle zone I got first to finish of then I will be working on the other stuff. I also tried that green wash on the stage two stuff it seems to have work well with it. will try and get some post put up in the next couple of days for everyone to see.
Tristan M said…
I like a lot of what you've done with the terrain, will be coming back for inspiration when it comes time to assemble mine.
I gotta say, it looks good, but I was severely disappointed with the quality, at least for me, it didn't come with nearly enough connectors and the ones it did come with were flimsy and frequently broke when trying to fit them into the sockets. :(
Dragkon said…
@ Tristan. i will do my best with this stuff and get more building painted for you to see.

@ Adam I know where you are coming from mate I had some problems with the connector pieces as well. I also had some difficulties with the fortified ones just trouble trying to get some of the stuff stay together. And then you had two peices that I didn't know what to do with.

A couple of things I did learn from building with it.
The first is that don't spare or paint any of it before making anything. Learnt that the hard way as prices were not going together.
The second thing I would say build them up then so you are happy with how they look and then apply glue in the joints to make them solid.