Dead Zone The Plague Part Two

Hey Dragkon back again for second instalment of The Plague.

Just the Images of the normal guys (Stage 3) just so the whole faction is shown.

So with the Idea with these guys colours make them look sick pale as if they are suffering with an illness that is slowly changing them making them into the later stages.

I haven't play as the Plague that much as like I have said I my main is the Enforcers but have been on the receiving end of these guys and all I can say is that they are pain! What normal happens to is the dogs get in and tie up my guys and have the others just blazing away at me making it almost impossible for me to do anything back at them.

Stage 3's

Stage 3

yea guess who inspired this paint job  


Tristan M said…
looking at these guys, the skin tone really works. wondering if for your other stages it might be better to think of something to do the bone/chiten to avoid the single tone look.
Dragkon said…
thanks :). Thoughts off the top of head with the stage two could try a null oil wash over it to probably darken the bone/chiten at least then it would stand out different from the flesh... hopefully
Tristan M said…
something like that sounds good.

just a thought - maybe do that for the stage 2, but the earlier green wash flesh suggestion for the stage 1, so his bone/chitin looks more raw and his flesh more diseased...