So the What If?

Yo Drags here

So I have done a wee crazy thing started another Space Marine army (yea....), how many can I have?

So yea Started a new one last year round probably September. Just finished painting Angron and the way I did the the world eaters I really liked how the two dead dudes looked. So started on this and the what if question... 

So here you the first tactical squad and commander. 


I really like the way the commander turned out. You don't see that limited edition model to often.
Kraggi said…
It's actually the model I am using as Inquisitor Corteaz, as both my Dragkon and I managed to grab one.

It is an awesome model though.
Dragkon said…
Cheers Emerson

He was one of the first one that got the paint job after the I did angron .