What points do you play?

This has been bouncing around the cavern that is called my head for a while now. 

What is your preferred / most common points total for a game? 

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I see that there are a many different levels, and I think it would be good to get an idea of the number of people that play at different points levels. 

So without further a do... its time for a poll (found to the right hand side of the website).

Here are the values available to pick from:

1. Kill Team
2. 1000 Points
3. 1250 Points
4. 1500 Points
5. 1750
6. 1850
7. 1999+1
8. 2000
9. Apocalypse is where it's at.

Eight options in total. I can say that in the 277 games of 40k that I have recorded playing (5th & 6th) I have played around 10% of those at 2000 points. 

Most of my games are at 1500 points as it gives me the best chance of getting more games in (and ToS is at this level as well).

Personally I find that building a list to 2000 points doesnt really present a challenge. I can take pretty much all the toys I want, and dont have to think about what should or should not be there. 

Where as at 1500 points you have to pick and choose your force more, limiting both you and your opponent, which means you wont always have the answer, then again neither will everyone else. 

1750/1850 allow more of the toys but still present a bit of a challenge at building the list, and its really a toss up between 1750 & 1500 as to which I think is the best points value to play at. 

Below are my stats for all the games I have a recorded points value against.

Points Size Games Played
8000 1
6000 1
2000 31
1850 11
1750 63
1500 94
1250 7
1000 14
500 3
400 10


Honda said…
Although I would agree that you must make tougher composition decisions at lower points games, I would offer that at higher points game, it's less about what you bring vs. how did you use what you brought.

In my case, I prefer Apoc because a lot of composition decisions are minimized and it seems like a lot more thought needs to be put into your overall plan.

Note: In general, we do not play with titans, but do play with super heavies. Also we minimize the number of D weapons.
Kraggi said…
I haven't put a lot of time into the higher points games as I ends up feeling too much like a who goes first game wins, although thats just my experience, and its not a unique one to large point games.

Each to their own, and I am interested to see (and should have thought of it) the its more about how you use it than what you bring.

Might have to try a couple of 2k or more games to see how it feels.