Dead Zone Pictures

Hey there, Dragkon here.

So.... It has been a while since my last post but I have been busy with painting more and more stuff. So here we go.

Like Kraggi I have also got into the new game system Dead Zone been working away getting the stuff painted and playing the games to learn the rules the best we can, I am still working on 2 factions getting them painted and all the terrain I got in the Kick Starter (It's soooo nice) so it's been busy. So here is the Enforcers that I have got painted up and been using as my main faction.

Enforcers Faction 

The Commander 

Assault Enforcer 



Tristan M said…
Different colours for different model types? I like it, great thought.
Dragkon said…
thanks. bit of a struggle with these as the modals aren't the best and it seemed like a bit of detail of the models can be easily lost. I still have a couple that don't have the different colours on as they were the first ones that were done.