Grey Knight Grandmaster - Complete

So approaching the end of the month and I figured it was time to get something posted to show I do actually paint, and its not just Dragkon that posts painted models (although a lot of them do come from him).

This is the guy that will be leading my forces at the next tournament I attend (which started about 5 hours ago!), he has been sitting around waiting to be completed for a while, but this weekend I put that little bit more effort in on him to get him finished off. 

The left hand is from the old Chaos Warrior kit, I would normally have just used a Grey Knight Terminator hand, but they are in a bits box that I lent, and this fist seems to work quite well. 

Originally he was meant to have the hand holding a Khorne Bloodletters head, but I since changed my mind as I felt the head added too much detail to the model.

The left arm is that of the Apothecary from the Grey Knight terminator kit. The idea of this was to allow him to have an orbital Bombardment, should the need ever take me. 

His Psycannon is taken from the Strike Marine kit and is on his right hand side so he is different to all the other Psycannon wielding terminators I have.