2014's Resolutions

Later than I normally do, I figured it was time to look at how badly I did with my Wargaming Resolutions and set myself some targets for 2014.

You can find last years New Year Resolutions here.

So in review.

Resolution Number 1:
Play over 100 Games of 40k in 2013.
At the end of the year I had managed 54 games, which is a good number, but only just over half of what I was aiming for.

This wasn’t helped by a new job that took up more of my time, and not attending Throne of Skulls (that weekend last year got me 7 games in total), and Rapid Fire, which would have been another 6 games.

Plus the added impetus to get practise games in with the lists. I aim to attend more tournaments this year, but I think 100 games was probably a bit much.

I reckon being able to drive will help somewhat as then I can get to more gaming clubs without the thought of how do I get home myself.

Resolution Number 2:
Become a better Winner / Loser
A difficult one as I definitely had less games to practise this, but my most recent game was one where I could have walked away (due to how frustrating the dice were), but I avoided it. I think I will mark this one as further improvement required! Not going to be in my list of Resolutions for next year though as it’s not really a Resolution for the year, it’s a case of working on it every game.

Resolution Numbers 3-6, Painting
Complete my Imperial guard - Sold
Complete my Necrons - Incomplete
Complete my Grey Knights - Incomplete
Complete my Dwarves - Incomplete

Resolution Numbers 7&8, Tournaments
Make the time for another Throne of Skulls – Failed due to timings, this year though!
Run / Help to Run a 40k Tournament – I actually managed to Run Three tournaments last year, the first 40k tournaments my Club has run. So I was very happy about that.

Resolution Number 9, Blogging
More Consistent Blogging. – Did so well at the beginning of the year, and then it dropped away towards the end of the year. A definite work in progress.

Resolution Number 10
Complete and post a Video Battle Report – Really need to figure out how I want to do this so that it doesn’t ruin the game, and is interesting to watch, I didn’t put the effort into this last year, so this year will have some serious thought put into it.

So what’s up for next year?

Well I think similar resolutions, but I will be aiming for a smaller number this year.

Play at least 100 Wargames this year.
Play at least 75 Games of Warhammer 40k this year
Attend a One of More Games Workshop Events
Painting – Try and reduce this pile of unpainted / partially painted models
            Current outstanding:
Ultramarine Assault Squad
Ultramarine Drop Pod,
Ultramarine Tactical Squad
Ultramarine Stormraven
            Necrons Warriors Requiring touch ups
            Grey Knight Terminators x 15 Touch ups
            Grey Knight Strike Marines x 10 Touch Ups
Cantopk Bugs
            Tomb Stalker x 2
            Deadzone Factions x 4
            Deadzone Mercenaries x 8
            Deadzone Terrain
            Tempestus Firebase
            Space Wolf Basing
            Grey Knight Basing
            Circle of Oroborus

Looks pretty big when listed like that, but with some luck and perseverance I should be able to do that (plus the new Dwarf stuff I am bound to get).